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Fix You SAB Arraingment


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Well it's that time of year again when the music department starts planning for the spring concert. Since my song was a success, my teacher is allowing me arrange another song as well.


Since a lot of good friends of mine graduated last year and some are leaving this year, I'd thought I pay tribute to all the hell and fire that's happened in the past few years with Fix You.


This will be a much simpler version because I need the simplicity to help make it easier to teach. I will be using the Hal Leonard sheet music, but will be using my version of playing it on the piano :awesome:


I hope to have this finished by next month :wreck:







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I've finished :wreck:


2-4 week work in progress has been completed. I won't give away the full score until we actually perform this bad-boy, but I'll hand over the vocal-only bit. Just please, if you do plan on using it, please credit me. Billy Nguyen™ or 86Timewarp will do.


Sheet Music:



Audio Companion (Some parts have their timing mixed up so please bare with me :shame:)

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