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Parlophone boycotts Google's music service

Guest LiquidSky

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Guest LiquidSky

Coldplay and Kylie's label boycotts Google's music service







Leading record label Parlophone, which boasts Coldplay and Kylie Minogue among its artists, has launched a boycott of Google’s new cloud-based music streaming service, Google Play.



The company has refused to join Google’s new service claiming that it offers no clear benefit for its musicians, sources told the Daily Telegraph.

The free Google Play scheme allows customers to take music they have downloaded on their computer and back it up in Google’s internet-based “cloud”, so they can then access it anywhere they go.



Google declined to comment on the Parlophone boycott, but sources insisted that Google Play offered artists a good deal.

Google Play launched in Britain last year but is struggling to gain traction. Google has signed most music labels to the service, but is seeking a comprehensive catalogue to rival other services like Spotify.




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Unless there is something more that they're not telling us (which is probably the case), I don't get what the big deal is.


Apple and Amazon already have cloud music services (iTunes Match / iTunes and Amazon SoundCloud). Both allow you to store already purchased songs and albums in the 'cloud' and stream or download them to your device or computer.


It'll be interesting to see what exact reasoning they have behind their boycott, and to know exactly what they mean by unfair.

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