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Badger, Badger, Badger


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The Badger culls are due to begin in the UK in June 2013, it’s now or never for the badgers!


Brian May has launched a petition so they can deliver 250,000 voices against the badger cull to ensure that the Government can’t ignore this any longer.


If you want to help please click here: http://teambadger.org/


Thanks for reading this.

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Something drastically needs to be done about it, but my dad (a dairy farmer) agrees that culling all the badgers is pretty drastic and tb will carry on to spread with cows and humans to some extent between farms. The government doesn't want to spend money on vaccinating them and paying people to do so because farmers definitely don't have time for that. Maybe if tb was spreading around here my dad may feel different but I can certainly sympathise with the farmers losing their cows, it's heartbreaking.

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