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In jokes

Prince Myshkin

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I'm pretty sure most families have them and I reckon there's plenty of comedy gold that's locked away inside tiny groups, never repeated as they are too personal or they think nobody will care.


Heard someone on the radio about a year ago speaking of this and somebody texted in to say that whenever their Dad reversed, he'd look out the back window and say 'ahhhh, this takes me back', every fucking time. Shit jokes like that are exactly what I'm talking about.


Anybody have any in jokes they would like to share with the board, even if you don't think we'll find them funny without the context?

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My inside jokes are so stupid they're not even translatable into English :facepalm:


Well lets see, there's one that might be actually..


so a few years ago my best friend and I were visiting an art exhibition with loads of modern art in it, like, 3x4 meters completely white canvases with a single red dot in the middle, or giant black ones with nothing else on them. And there were a lot of people totally fascinated by the artwork and they were just staring and looking at them in a very artsy manner. As if they totally understood what the art was about.

WELL ANYWAY we kinda laughed about this behaviour and imitated it, so we choosed a particularly boring artwork and kept looking at it in awe and said to each other "Now let that just sink in for a while..." in a very ironic way because it was nothing interesting at all. So we just talked about it as if we have just discovered Mona Lisa 2.0 (I think it was a plain yellow canvas with a few blue sprinkles on it). After a few minutes we were surrounded by other people and they actually listened to us and agreed with what we said LOL.



So everytime my friend and I discover something outstandingly flat, we stop, look at it and say to each other: "Now let that just sink in for a while..." which is followed by us laughing our asses off :awesome:

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me and my brother have quite a few in jokes like references to these dumb songs he made up ie. "huckel on a camel", "you patch all day" and "mean machines".


We also imitate how parents/grandparents exaggerate things like the way my gran would say "aww why do you have to go and do this?" about something small like not washing your hands or some obsessive thing she had about cleaning and we just say it all the time now when someone makes a huge deal out of nothing, it's more the tone which makes it funny.

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Oh god all the inside jokes I have with people are so incredibly stupid yet they make me laugh so much.


Same. My best friend and I have so many of those. I think it's the idea of how they came about that makes those sort of things funny, as opposed to the references themselves.

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i have so many with Dee im actually just laughing thinking about them

Your user title is one of them! :cheesy:


Uhh my family and I have so many inside jokes that our conversations would seem like incoherent babble to anyone else but ourselves :wacko: most of them are some sort of laughable English mistakes as none of us speak English as a first language


For example, my sister's husband is a native speaker of Spanish who moved to the US to perfect his English, and he's the only one in our house who can't understand Romanian. Now on the street where we live, we have street cleaning every Friday morning and if you don't move your car it will get towed or you will get a ticket. So my sister has to wake up hella early every Friday morning to move her car. She normally sets alarms, asks everyone to remind her etc. but it doesn't always work out for the best. So one evening, she leaves notes all over her room that all say "muta mașina" on them, which is Romanian for 'move the car'. The alarm wakes her up, instead of going back to sleep she sees the notes, moves the car, everything works out fine.

My brother-in-law wakes up, sees the notes everywhere, and assumes it is some sort of Romanian way to say 'I love you', and hugs us all later in the morning and tells us "muta mașina :D" to a extremely confused reaction.

Needless to say that's our new way to say "I love you" now.


Also they both work as actors, which is the perfect job for seeing absurd situations that you can tell to everyone when you get home. For example, one guy at a audition was asked to slate, he in return acts out this:


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uir3ZAxlUnw]Tips for beginners - YouTube[/ame]


He understood 'skate'. Close enough.


Sort of related, it's a running joke in our family that my brother-in-law will literally accept just about any audition, if there is an audition for a pro skateboarder, he will find a skateboard somehow and learn as many tricks as possible within 3 days, etc. If there is an audition asking for men 45-59 years old he will accept anyway. Bless him.


I don't know if any of these are actually funny but yeah

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jef jefpoop is a dumb in joke, i wish i had a cute whimsical story with my best friend but the only one i can remember is "vomit and vomit" and the story to that was in middle school we were asked to think of two nouns per team and we both chose vomit and said it at the same time and we laughed for like a week about it


oh shit then one time we were learning about some scientist whos last name was anderson and we both said at the same time "TOM ANDERSON" (the creator of myspace) so we sort of have a joke were our minds are sort of connected omg does that even count

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