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Looking for writers/advertisers/ developers


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Yoooo guys, I've recently made a gaming forum and I'm now looking for Article writers/ Developers / advertisers who would voluntarily work for us :wacky:

In return you get to become a lovely staff member!



We are looking for a developer that knows PHP, CSS, HTML very well. Any other languages you know will certainly help.

We are planning on extending this website a great deal so that your videos will get seen more by each other rather than posting and hoping that someone checks it out.

We are ideally just looking for 1 developer, we would work together via skype.




We are looking for quite a few writers, we want you to be literate and be able to write a decent article on anything related to gaming a few times a month.

This will help us rank better in Google. The articles cannot be copied and pasted from an external website, they must be at least 500 words in length and can be about anything related to gaming.



We are looking for a select few members to advertise our forum. Now we don't just mean spam our link out to everyone on the internet. We're talking about proper advertising such as placing our advert/link on your own website that sort of stuff. If you have any previous experience in advertising this may be the role for you!





If you think you can help us out or that you may be interested, give me a PM.


*cough cough* or visit the website in my sig and see what you think *cough cough*

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