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Maria C

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..me janey and cath go and see Martin Grech. I am muchos looking forward to it because it marks the start of 2003's gigs. :D We also have the NME Tour on Friday. So we will have many stories to tell. Probably involving me being crushed and stood on and the like. :D Anyhows, we'll tell you all about it tomorrow. I can tell your all really looking forward to my stories aren't you?? :lol:

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Hello peeps. Well tomorrow is now today. Had many funs. Martin Grech was fabby, has an amzing voice and some of his songs were completely fabbo. One of the supportbands (dont know names janey or cath will say) were completely marvellous too, and the singer with them had a really really oddly fabby voice. It was in Academy 3 the teensy weeny one, so I cant actually hear anything. However, i didnt get stood on or squashed cos there wasnt enough people to squash or stand on me.


A few things i need to say... :shock: :P


Boy with flat cap!! Dear god no no no!

Dangerous elbow boy. When standing in front of maria you watch were you put your darn elbows!! I spent my whole time making sure I wasn't severely bruised at the end of the night!

My Dad came in at the end silly man, cos he couldnt find us to pick us up.

Oh yeah, and everyone must severly reprimand Janey and cath, because they were horrible the whole night!! OK so they werent that bad, but they laugh at me all the time! Bloody older people. :D


Anyhows, had a good night, cant hear, Marting Grech is fab, I am tired so good night to you all. :D

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Just thought I'd offer my tuppence worth :D

The support band were called Mew, and I thought the lead singer had a good voice, the songs started off well but then kind of went nowhere and bored me a bit.

Martin Grech was amazing though - standout songs were Push and Dali, especially Dali, which he closed with :D He seemed to have a bit of a cough though - awww. But he soldiered on and was still fantastic.

Oh, and he doesn't have a goatee :cry: but I do know how to pronounce his second name now, so all in all, it was a good night :D


And I am never nasty to maria :P :roll:

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Wewll tonight is me janey and caths latest adventure. The NME tour in liverpool mountford hall. Cath is desperate for Polyphonic spree, and im scared bout the datsuns. I will almost deffo get squashed and evil janey will probably make us stand at the front. The thrills are playin too. Not sure bout other one lol. Wow! i'm so informative!

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