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hey i'm edward, and i f**king love coldplay... and kings of leon... and radiohead.. these are my top 3. but anyways, since i can't edit my favorites here's an update: my all time fav is parachutes, and the fav song from there is dont panic. although i love shiver more now because i relate to it fully. my pre parachutes era song is see you soon, especially the '03 version. then there's ROBTTH. idk what song is the best because theyre all f-ing amazing. but i could say politik is best. then there is X&Y. X&Y as a song is the most powerful song ever made by coldplay, EVER. period, dont even argue about it with me. then there's viva la vida, my favs from there is chinese sleep chant, and strawberry swing. then there's mylo xyloto, and... and i like all the songs, but i really dont understand the UFO/princess of china. more like princess of china alone, but just like with every other coldplay or any other song, if i try to understand it and succeed, then i'm gonna love it. atlas... i like atlas, but i guess i listened to it too much back it those days it was just released. (ooh and btw i heard it 4 days before release :D ) everything else... umm, i just discovered have yourself a merry little christmas, and the demo version of spies. and btw go check out life through veins by jon hopkins, it's the original song that the escapist was made from.

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