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  1. that was just a spammer actually 😆
  2. oh no by all means be passive aggressive, or straighforward, whichever you prefer!
  3. @M Marks The Spot, sovucu has just received an official warning for that absolutely random litany of swear words. Also you're way too nice in your reply (though it comes off rather passive aggressive which is great). You certainly didn't break any rules.
  4. That's a signature, you can set it up here: https://coldplaying.com/settings/signature/
  5. yep we clearly disagree there lol 😬 Ooohh like a big forum band? That's a great idea, let's do it!
  6. Don't Let It Break Your Heart would be better without that atrocious wall of sound. Too much?
  7. well yes in fact I am pretty tired of all the fake passport and keto diet bullshit hahaha ( @ spammers give us some new subjects to learn about please) but I have to say the recent update to this forum software helped a lot
  8. ^ LA I think. "I'm gonna be honest with you, I have four chickens" has to be Chris' best quote ever
  9. I'm still here, removing spam almost every day!
  10. this really is the new Car Kids huh
  11. Here ya go. I didn't answer them all but hope this helps! I'll put my answers in a spoiler so I don't paste a 10km long text here:
  12. Informative as ever. Also I remember your bidet 😍
  13. I wonder if there was less toilet roll hoarding in Italy because they have bidets everywhere @Jonny and the cake ?
  14. [spoiler] text [/spoiler] it's the same as it was before actually. I thought it wouldn't work because this forum software doesn't support BBcode but to my surprise it did fan
  15. oi why on earth did you copy paste coldplay's entire wikipedia page mate? I think most of us here know that band thank you on topic: camera
  16. being temporarily unemployed because the company I work for is 95% closed ...but luckily I still live with my parents so I don't have to worry about any financial stuff. I ended up taking up running again, partly to have an excuse to go outside I have to admit. feels like life is just paused, really. I'm an introvert who's used to friends living too far away to be able to see them irl often (that's largely this forum's fault) so for now the weirdest thing is my social battery never runs out lol
  18. feel like i'm screaming into the void
  19. why is the text suddenly white on a white background help hahaha
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