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  1. thank god they fixed the audio, that was embarrassing (and a shame, it's a great performance)
  2. https://onlinexperiences.com/scripts/Server.nxp Starts in 15 minutes! Are we expecting anything ...unexpected? I personally am not, but let's see!
  3. You guys......they are actually going to drop Higher Power from space. This is crazy.
  4. I'm very much out of the loop here but... are they saying it's plagiarism based on the fact that the two words ...rhyme? and both start with a K-sound? lmao
  5. I prefer this new one, but partly because I'm a dark dark soul who just wants every website to look dark lol
  6. @stephen can you change the backgrounds in New Posts, notifications and the profiles so the text is visible again? Love the new theme though
  7. It's not a country restriction, the link is accessible worldwide but it's unlisted, hence why you can't find it if you go to their page. They must have made it public by accident for a short period of time and some people saw it. I don't get why they don't just take the link down now though if they don't want us to hear it
  8. ok wow that snippet sounds catchy as fuck! hopefully the rest of the song is this good too, hopefully Jonny has a solo of some sort because the snippet sounds like that would fit the song
  9. I read somewhere this issue is solved when you order the CD (1 CD per order) separately
  10. Coldplay just posted a tiktok video and... you guys the whole band actually walked through Camden and nobody said a word https://www.tiktok.com/@coldplay/video/6956606021720739077
  11. they have uploaded the whole Kaotican alphabet to the site: https://www.coldplay.com/kaotican-alphabet/ if anyone wants to become fluent
  12. new picture of the band! photo by Dave Meyers and art direction Pilar Zeta
  13. no no they put WAY too much effort in this, I mean they invented a whole alphabet and spent thousands on all those billboards
  14. not the most surprising news but hey, new Coldplay single called Higher Power will be out on 7 May!
  15. Someone else suggested Persian? I tried making Google translate listen to it and translate it from Persian but it didn't understand anything then again, when I make Google translate listen to the Dutch snippet for instance, it doesn't understand either lol edit: apparently it's not Persian either
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