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  1. yes @raisethisnoise, asking for links of a leak in this thread is against the rules actually (no worries, you know now)
  2. Yeah it's so weird My Universe and Coloratura are going to be on the same album, I feel like track track 10-12 is going to be very this:
  3. please don't use this thread to ask for or share leaked snippets, those posts will be deleted I agree it seems very risky to wait until September. Obviously summer isn't a very good time to release music but since it already leaked it'll probably be very hard to contain
  4. Nobody said it's going to be a single, the note says it's an album track. But yeah hidden tracks probably aren't a good idea in the streaming age
  5. I'm extremely confused by this: it should be the earth emoji song but it translates to "NPU 2" (alphabet is MOTS neon)
  6. here's an overview of the "everyone is an alien somewhere" message in all the different alphabets (yes it's centred terribly, I had no time lol)
  7. because it's a leak and it's against the forum rules to post leaks here
  8. Since that snippet thing is probably a leak, please do not share the link on the forum. Thanks!
  9. Seems like there are a lot of plumbing issues with this collaboration with a certain South Korean band.... please remember not to share links to any leaks on the forum and exercise some patience, we’ll get the full song soon enough!
  10. Like others have said, posting links to leaks is not allowed on this forum. Never has been, and never will be.
  11. Indeed, the search icon is missing for users @stephen can you fix this? In the meantime, you can just navigate to https://coldplaying.com/search to access the search function
  12. Sharing links to officially released music is not allowed on Coldplaying - doesn't matter whether it's released in every time zone yet or not.
  13. you guys! Jonny actually loves cake! (for the newer members, "Jonny loves cake" was originally a joke made somewhere in the first few pages of this thread over 10 years ago, but after a while everyone sort of forgot it was a joke, and decided it was a fact)
  14. Just approved them! your posts got caught in the spam filter for some reason
  15. If you follow the r/TheyreComing subreddit, you'll see it's looking increasingly likely it's gaming related, and more specifically Fortnite. Some Fortnight streamers have received a DVD+ DVD player (!) with a video showing some drone shots + crop circles. And some people found one of the symbols in Fortnite: https://www.reddit.com/r/TheyreComing/comments/nl8j1z/someone_found_this_symbol_in_fortnite/ So the MOTS theories can be buried now I think. If this was Coldplay, they would not have sent those DVDs to Fortnight streamers. https://twitter.com/InTheLittleWood/status/13975
  16. bumped an 11.5 year old thread made by another spammer. Spambots are impressive sometimes!
  17. they didn't, they just aren't sure either. I'm 50/50 too: it's alien-themed, the hexagone appeared at their Worthy Farm performance too, the timing fits that too, and Phil was online on Twitter earlier and he didn't deny it. But on the other hand, the postcards seem to have been sent to gamers (Coldplay did partner with a gaming company recently), it all seems fairy USA centred, and Hulu/Disney+ are reportedly making an Alien TV show thingy. So I'm really not sure
  18. apparently it's creepy as fuck lol I'm not gonna spend money on an international call but this is exciting!
  19. omg what a mess............... well, there's always Eurovision everyone
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