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Monumental music...


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oh that's cool! :-0)


and yep, i did mention some really great ones off the top of my head. but that's hardly 'all'... i mean, i didn't even list any of Mozart's!


i think everyone should have at least the 'best of' classical music CDs...which would only be a few, i promise! hehe


yes, didn't mean what i wrote.

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...and she asks so many nerdy questions! :lol:


ME!??? Nerdy questions!? :lol: :lol: :smug:


I don't like it because it's good for the brain, just because I used to play Classical Music so If you want to play good stuff and play in a 'decent' way you have like what you are doing [and I always liked the 'hardest one' like Liszt] so..... I don't know how to explain it really, but for me it's just like being in/on Heaven. :smug: :D

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see there u go, again, with those nice long answers! who wouldn't like u after that? :D


it's great that you do like classical. Liszt and Chopin...i like only their best works. i seem to like more orchestral works than the solo pieces...but i do love some solo pieces too!

'The Happy Farmer' by Schuman (is it?) is awsome!

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:lol: whateva! I kind of do not understand what you mean there, but nevermind!


Well you need more knowledge, I think, to understand and 'take the good' out of Orchestal Work, though it tends to be more 'exciting' and when I go to the theatre I always go to listen Orchestal Work, rather than Solos [unless there is someone play the Violin, whihc is by far my favourite instrument]

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you're in quite the mood...mouthing out those nice, supple words!



i'm pretty good. in a good mood. things are turning out well as of now. was worrying too much last week. :cool: i still have too much work on hand and am worried about it, but not as much. at least not right now anyways! :D


so now you say it's meant for married people. but you want to use 'dear' much more than it is used? hmmm....so you wanna get married, dear? :sneaky: :lol:

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