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do you agree now with the choises of singles or not?

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Now that we have heard all the 9 tracks, do you still agree with the promotion made so far? just curious to know other opinions ;)


As my very personal opinion I would have released Ink instead of Magic, they have almost the same pace but Ink is less flat than Magic. As 2nd single I would have chosen Another's Arms or True Love since they give a better idea of the album and I would have let ASFoS as 3rd single (it's very good for the radio but it does not represent the album)

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Absolutely agree with their singles releases - I think being a Coldplayer can cloud your judgment on how the rest of the world/non Coldplay audience views and appreciates Coldplay songs.


Midnight - to me, was like whoa - and wasn't digging it on first listen - I was like, what is Coldplay doing, but man - it is one of their best tracks that grows on you - but for someone who never really listens to Coldplay - it comes right out and can grab your attention especially in this electronic/edm dominated music age - and it came out of nowhere with this trippy video - boom! redefining Coldplay for the masses. Brilliant move by them -


Magic - after hearing this, I was like this is more like Coldplay but it sounded ok to me compared to their previous lead single releases - but that bass line is so catchy, and it's simple song but so classic Coldplay with that chorus hook, and the build up to Chris coming in with his guitar is perfect. Magic is a grower and definitely would get people to listen, and think about buying the album or at least the single. The single - works.


Sorry, Ink would not have sold as well - it's a Coldplay B-side as a single, but a decent album track (it's my weakest of all the tracks on a strong album).


A sky full of stars was released at a good time because the album was close to being released - it renewed interest in the album, it went straight to 1 in itunes across the world - it got the EDM crowd into it as well plus the common layman.


I think if they decide to release another single - it would be True Love, i really like the track a lot - was lucky enough to hear it live at the Beacon concert - but I don't think they will release as a full blown single, but just to radio not for sale. But Mila Furstova has already dne the artwork for all the singles, promo or otherwise for the album unless they commission another one from her.


They are not going to really promote this album on a wide scale like their previous albums - so for what they had, I think they did it right. We'll see how the sales go, but then again in this day and age of illegal downloads and such - we won't really know the real demand of their album and have to gauge it per the context of today's music market.

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