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  1. I'm in disbelief that they don't play the whole album in the tour set. Army of One and Fun are two of the more radio friendly and stadium level tracks. Either they're planning it for down the road, in terms of timing it for single release, or they just are too shy to play them as they aren't well known. But, Birds is a decent song that most people don't know and they play it all the time. On Fun, love Jonny's riffs to open the song - he's such a master at it. Beautiful song with heart felt lyrics, and epic chorus. Same with Army of One.. perhaps we should start a petition.
  2. Went to 1st US show which was good (though think UK/European audiences and the set up is better). Still no Army of One except for the intro into Clocks - such a tease. It sounds so ethereal though. I would pay money for that outro. Also, Kaleidoscope's background instrumental, I think, is what played through the xylobands in Nice. It has jonny's guitar riffs/licks coupled with an ethereal synth sound... so soothing. Also would pay for that. I guess the instrumental sounds through xylobands didn't work out after the Nice show because they didn't have it for the Wembley shows, or even a speaker
  3. If Coldplay or PH are reading the forums, this song is massive. Glad I caught it in Nice, but they've put it away live for now which is an absolute shame. This track is amazing and Stargate did a great job with what they did with chris' vocals as it gives it a spin to the Coldplay sound. Beautiful lyrics combined with Jonny's guitar riffs, Will's synth drum beats and the Coldplay ambient sound. I think because it seems like more people haven't caught on to the song yet, they have relegated it to an outro/intro into Clocks - they need to figure a way out to fit into the set consistently.
  4. Hey Coldplayers - I'm going to the Nice concert. would love to meet up with any fellow Coldplayers going. It's going to be epic. PM me, would love to meet fellow Euro-coldplayers.
  5. How lucky! Congrats. I tried but overslept by a few minutes (i live in the US) and unfortunately did not get one. My dream was to get to the front for the coldplay set. I applied for volunteering but it looks like it's full. If there are any people in the know about Glastonbury. Is there any other way to get in the festival, or is pretty much locked at this point? I wish they sold it like other festivals where we can get tickets elsewhere but I guess for security sake they go through an elaborate and strict process. Any will try to see the band in Wembley if I can't get into Glastonbur
  6. Hey fellow Coldplayers.... long time Coldplayer here - been following Coldplay since 2000, and was fortunate enough to get to see them play the SuperBowl which was probably one of the best concert/entertainment moments of my life - I knew they would make it special and really included everyone with a beautiful message. Don't care what anyone said but Coldplay was the heart and soul of the show and true musicians. Bruno was a close second w/ those dance moves, and Beyonce was overrated needing fire and lights to distract. Regardless... Im a fan of Hymn for the Weekend. Anyway, I want to see
  7. Up & Up is too long and not really a radio single - it's a great album track and closer to the theme of the album. Fun would have been the next best single if they are already giving up on Hymn for the Weekend which I don't understand - they need to do another promo with Beyonce there - unless they don't like the negative publicity Beyonce has been getting for her anti-police song. Fun or Army of One are the two tracks that have some sort of radio potential with Fun being the most - I would have thought Everglow would be another one even though they did it as a promo single.
  8. I'm going to be going as I'm a diehard Coldplay fan, and to see them live playing the most watched event in the world is bucket list worthy. It's been a truly long journey of 4 guys from UCL to the biggest stage on the planet - I trust Phil will make sure things go appropriately epic. They should take cues from the live 2012 concert dvd- Charlie Brown would be epic but then again it's not necessarily a coldplay friendly audience. For sure - Viva, Sky Full of Stars, Adventure (promo for new song), Hymn is a given since Beyonce will be there, I'm assuming Uptown Funk will be played since B
  9. Ana - i'm planning on going to see Coldplay and... maybe the game :-)
  10. Hey Hadilley - I'm going to arrive in SF that weekend after a 2 week trip to Australia/NZ (i know i'm a nut) but im trying to go to the Super Bowl primarily for Coldplay - been following these guys since the beginning. This is so huge for them, and I hope they pull it off... they are one of the best live bands and bands.. period to come around in a generation. Let me know if you find any details regarding this, as I want to be a part of the audience for the show if possible too.
  11. Well have listened to the album quite a lot and was thinking what would be the consensus for the next 3 to 4 singles Coldplay may release. Based on my opinion and an obvious choice - Hymn for the Weekend for sure. Given Beyonce guesting and the club vibe to it, it will be a sure fire single. Nuff said! They did release Everglow as a promotional single but I think it has that classic Coldplay ballad thing going and could be released as an official single. The 4th for me would be Fun. Great song with a singer known to much younger audiences and another Coldplay classic. As for
  12. I can say that I was not a big fan of this song off the bat. But as Coldplay are so brilliant, the song is infectious and grew on me. Jonny's guitar effects remind me of birds and has that ethereal quality coupled with Will and Guy's driving bass/drum rhythm - this song is great. Chris's vocal is interesting to boot, and the build to the end is so good, I wish it never stopped, but the abrupt end is unique for sure. Can't wait to hear this live.
  13. FYI regarding lyrics: Chris is paraphrasing Gandhi when he sings "You can see the change you want to, be what you want to be" Perhaps more of the eastern spirituality they've embraced on this album and the Indian script and flower setup they have going. Same with Indian video filmed utilizing the traditions of Holi with all the colors. Here's the quote: Be the change that you wish to see in the world. Great song, love the ending piano (played by James Corden - j/k, well at least on his show he did). It's going to be massive in stadiums. A Head full of Dreams!
  14. Jennifer Lawrence is a natural blond, he certainly has a type, it's obvious. That being said, this is one of my favorite songs off the album, love the buildup and lyrical flow w/ alterations - like a sonata. It's clear some of their old songs's lyrics showed up in this one (the one they gave to Natalie Imbruglia, i loved that version of Fun too)
  15. Amazing!! This is the coldplay I love - pure bliss. When they are on their game, their music takes you to another dimension of being. Thank god for this track, as this, Fun, AOAL, Everglow are saving this schizophrenic album. They need to stop trying to be friends with everyone and trying to include them on their albums (i.e. Beyonce, Obama (j/k about this one but that sample was pointless on Kaleidoscope which I liked a lot).
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