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Info for Jonny Buckland Guitar Fans


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Hey guys,


So i went to a Coldplay show in Sydney last night and managed to get right up close to JB.


I've noticed he's playing with a different amp, no longer Fender Twin Reverbs. This amp is a lot bigger but sounds pretty much the same.


I also managed to get a pick at the end of the show and found he uses a USA Nylon .72mm pick.


Such a great guitarist to see live.


Sorry if you already knew this info but it was new to me :P

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I asked the oracle this question a while ago:


Q "Hi Oracle, can you please ask Matt McGinn what Jonny's new amps are that he's been using for the recent shows since the iTunes gig? How come he's abandoned his trusty Fender Devilles?"

A "Your wish is my command...

"Not abandoned, don't worry - it's the same rig, we just put the speakers in soundproof isolation boxes away from the stage, so the audience didn't get their ears blown apart in the small room.""


I don't suppose you managed to get a picture of his current pedalboard did you?

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Yes so sorry, it was actually a .73 I managed to get the pick by staying back at the Max sessions concert in Sydney after the show. I just politely asked one of their roadies Hoppy, if i could have one and luckily enough!


I did not unfortunately get to see his pedalboard :/


But I was really disappointed at one thing in the concert though. During verse 2 of A Sky Full Of Stars when there is a backing track playing the acoustic guitar, Jonny strums his guitar to pretend he's playing that part. I know some people wouldn't care but the moment that he rolled his volume knob from 0-10 for him to actually play his part I couldn't help but think I know you didn't play that!


All in all great guitar playing by JB, and I managed to call out to Matt McGuinn and get a wave (star struck!)

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