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  1. Does anyone know where the stems section has gone from the downloads section? There only seems to be instrumentals available for download now. I was hoping I might find stems from the new Rockband parachutes to everyday life dlc. As a side note.. is there a search option on the new forums because I couldn't see one?
  2. Jonny uses 2 separate delays both set with different delay times to get the sound at the end of Fix You. I use a combination of my TC Electronic D-Two rack delay and a second delay from a Line6 M5 to achive the sound live. I can't remember what delay times I have them set to off the top of my head though but I could have a look next time I've got a show.
  3. We've just picked up a Kawai MP7SE for the band. It's a heck of a bit of kit. What sound have you found works best? We were using the Kawai EX Pro from AcousticSamples before through mainstage but now we have the MP7SE we want to find something as close to the current sound as possible. We used it for the first time at a festival last weekend but didn't get much chance in soundcheck to run through the different sounds.
  4. I'd love this too. It was really interesting. I've even messaged the rythm studio on facebook asking if it can be put back up but had no reply,
  5. It does sound similar but the second ones sound somehow brighter and punchier. I'm guessing the second ones are the actual MP9000. Is there any way to make the soundfont brighter like the original?
  6. Interesting. I'm guessing they're using Pro Tools on the macbooks? I'd love to have a good poke around their gear backstage. I wondered if they would still be using the muse receptors for the VST's since Muse Technologies folded a while back but it seems like they still are. I guess while they trust the macbooks for the playback they don't trust them to run the VST's. We run all ours from Mainstage and it's been rock solid (apart from the odd midi lead or the midi socket on the piano breaking!!)
  7. Not yet but I will be over the next few weeks. I play in Coldplay tribute band Coldplace and we already use the Kawai EX Pro samples through Mainstage. Interestingly though, we were using a different sample set - the "player" ones I think. Fuzzyman has suggested to use the Rim/Side samples. There are definitely some strange overtones in the player samples that are really prominent on certain chords/notes. I'm hoping the rim/side samples are a bit more even. We probably wont put any reverb on for live use as the FOH soundguy usually likes to have the signal dry to add their own reverb de
  8. I'm pretty sure all of the samples are triggered in the Muse Receptors. The keyboards are purely used as Midi controllers. Even Chris' piano is just used for a midi controller. The kawai has proper weighted keys so will feel a lot different to most 48 key controller keyboards you can buy, plus it looks more substantial.
  9. It's a cut down Kawai MP9000 modified by Ken Rich sound services. You can see a picture on his facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=372823159451075 Mobile Link: https://www.facebook.com/KenRichSoundServices/photos/a.372822949451096.84434.135045819895478/372823159451075/?type=1&theater
  10. Does anyone have a font that can make a logo similar to the one that's been used for the hindi logo on the amps and drumskin for the AHFOD shows?
  11. The thinline re-issues are great guitars. The only problem is the pickups. They are nothing like the original Wide Range Humbuckers. In fact they are just regular (not even great) PAF size humbuckers potted in a wide range case. The original Wide Range pickups were designed by Seth Lover as an alternative to Gibson's PAF buckers, with a more meaty tone than fender's usual single coils but still retaining the clarity fender guitars are known for. They used a different magnet - Cunife, which is no longer available. Most pickups now use Alnico magnets. The original pickups are very rare and
  12. That's great! I've private messaged you... I don't think we've ever played twisted logic? Certainly not while I've been in the band. X&Y songs we've done in the past are: Square One What Id White Shadows Fix You Talk Speed of Sound Low The Hardest Part I'll get looking around for suitable venues. Where about's in the UK would people like to see this and how far would people be prepared to travel?
  13. We're still trying to get the the USA. We've had an offer to play LA for the past 2 years but you wouldn't believe how tricky it is getting the work visa's arranged! We're hoping to get this sorted soon though. We're based in the UK but we tour europe regularly and have played all over. I think this show would have to be a UK show, possibly a theatre show but if it worked well and there was enough interest I'm sure we could do a few more dates. We've been getting back into X&Y lately and there will be a few old songs coming back into the set. We soundchecked The Hardest Part a
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