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Stumbled upon HuffingtonPost today and read this article: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/08/28/songs-you-need-to-know-brolly_n_5729550.html


The very first song I listened to I just fell in love :heart:


The music maybe a bit similar to Coldplay (Well not so much, but still accepted as being called 'ambient indie' genre).


If you would like to discover more ambient Coldplayish music, check this out:


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Wow they sound REALLY nice :wacko:



But if people come up with "This could be the new Coldplay" I always cringe because you just can't sound like them. The most recognisable thing about Coldplay is Chris Martin's voice, even my ol' granny can distinguish his voice from others, that's how inimitable it is! :lol:

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Hehe just saw this :P

I know! I listened to all of their songs the other day on Soundcloud, I was instantly falling in love with them! Rare bands like this should have more voices to fame. In other words, by saying fame I mean many people know this kinda rare music but not too mainstream. Lol dunno, its hard to explain :P at least its not as famous as Ariana Venti Grande :P

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