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Coldplay Confetti


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Hi Guys,


sorry for asking this, however I've been a regular on this forum for about 6 years but unfortunately I was unable to remember my old account details :(


anyway! I need some help, if anyone can provide some I would be so eternally grateful.


basically, me and my girlfriend went to see Coldplay (present by me) in 2008 at the MEN Arena, the performance of Lovers in Japan is still to both of us the most beautiful thing we have ever seen. at the time we didn't think about collecting some of the confetti (Fools! I know).


anyway, we have been together in a relationship for close to 5 years now and I truly believe she is the one for me and I plan on proposing to her within the next few months after asking her father for permission in the old fashioned way! my plan is the usual romantic stuff, however i want to obtain a set of the confetti to wrap the ring i plan on buying with it. or something along those lines.


i was just wondering if anyone knows anywhere i would be able to buy/obtain some? i know this idea will bring her to the knees, as that performance even on youtube can bring tears to each of our eyes.


Thanks alot for listening, I know I'm rambling however i want this proposal to be the most amazing experience i can make it.





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my hero :D


Umm, just 4 different coloured ones from Viva La Vida - not sure if they differ from the Ghost Stories tour or not?


Yes they all differ from each other:




The MX has even more different shapes, I was just too lazy to dig them all out lol

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ah ok, I am definitely only after the Viva tour ones. which ones would you be willing to let go? :p


I have an entire bag of them. I hope that answers your question :wacky:


Just tell me what colours you like and I'll see if I have them-

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