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Ghosts Stories Sounds


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The first in this thread, of sounds I will show you how to make from the Ghost stories album is the beep sound from Oceans. Note: This is all used using Logic Pro X

First create a software instrument. Then choose the ES1 Synthesizer. Go to the preset menu and choose the synth keyboard then choose full synth. Turn the polyphony button to 8'. Then turn the second oscillator off and the first on to the first waveform on the left. Even though the second osc is off still have the waves in the mix position or in the middle. Then have the cutoff like a smidge past the middle and the drive two hash marks below the full label. The resonance is in the middle and so are both of the arrows on the ASDR. Also turn the amplifier to full. The filter should be set to 24 db classic. Now add some small low frequency, kinda small mid frequency EQ across the whole channel, and mid sized high EQ in that parameter. Then add a spreader then some reverb from space designer then another spreader and reverb from space designer on the blue room preset and you are good to go. This sound is pretty accurate to the record.

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