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July 2014: Ghost Stories era: Coldplay highlights of the year


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July 2014 was the magical month for the band and all Coldplayers around the world. Even though the shows during Ghost Stories era were held on a smaller scale, the band still made great efforts to make more intimate and interactive show experience for the best fans. Following from Royal Albert Hall shows on July 1st and 2nd, the best-selling album of the year, the band’s song collaboration on Wish I Was Here film played by Zach Braff, the band’s donation to ill-fan fundraiser, iHeartRadio Festival Lineup, the band’s video shoot for True Love, Yellow song for Boyhood movie soundtrack, Chris Martin on participating the music involvement for Prince Harry’s Invictus Games, ASFOS song for Apple’s Diversity advertisement, ASFOS Hardwell Remix song release, the first ever published online article on Chris Martin campaign in terms of Freedom of Exeter gains support, and Coldplay Horoscope app.


Photo Courtesy of Samir Hussein Blog


Royal Albert Hall shows on July 1st and 2nd

The most intimate show with around 5,000 people. The crowd and all the shout-out singing “oooaaah aaaah” that is clingy to a Viva La Vida song, one of the best Coldplay songs of all time throughout the music history, was beyond expectation that anyone wouldnt have thought the band would add the second show due to the excessive number of people to attend. Both shows had the same setlist as Oracle posted early on July 3rd:


3 July 2014 / submitted by Abe, United Kingdom

Q. Hi, what was the set list for the two Albert Hall shows?


The set list was the same for both shows:

Always in My Head

Charlie Brown




The Scientist

God Put a Smile Upon Your Face

Til Kingdom Come

Don't Panic

Everything's Not Lost


True Love

Viva La Vida


Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall



A Sky Full of Stars

Fix You


The forum also discussed about the 2-day gig as well and Coldplayers commented on how amazing they felt to be a part of the show:

1st July

So here is my small review. Before the concert I was pretty excited and a little bit mad at the same time, because it was my Coldplay concert number 28, but I was on top of the RAH in block X. It was the first Coldplay concert for my girlfriend and that was the other Thing, I thought she should have the same experience as I had the last 27 concerts and that was the front row.

So we went to the RAH around 7:30 (because Switzerland played at the Worldcup) and we got our tickets and made it inside of RAH. Wow, what a beautiful building, it is probably the most beautiful venue in the world. So we sat down and I was still a Little mad because this was our view: image1.jpg




Then the Support act started, no idea who that was :-S after my girlfriend said she has to go to the restroom and this changed everything. We walked down and this guy with a lot of tickets was there and looked at me and said: Hey I know you, you are one of this crazy fans right? I was like yes I'am and he said: So you should sit in the front row!? I was shaking and he gave me front row tickets, yes I almost cried there and gave him a big hug. So we went down and we sat down and I was so excited and then it started. WOW... they where so close and there was nobody pushing etc. It was so amazing!














And it was all because of her, my princess of Switzerland ;)





2nd July

Here’s to more snapshots from one Coldplayer on the forum:

I loved the way that, when we got on the tube, I could pick up the Evening Standard and turn straight to last night's review, which I'd ignored on the way down, and could effectively read the review of the gig I'd just been to...


A few favourite pics of the night:












Here is my review for both shows:

OKAY SO HERE WE GO. Sorry for all the boring content, lack of grammars and mispellings (I'm not English nor American nor Australian nor from English countries :P), and my bad handwriting. Still need to improve though :)


I am very grateful that still believing in Coldplay's music for almost a decade now. They have performed for 14 years and running and I was able to get to see them live for two days in a row! Such a dream come true. Getting tickets was definitely a heartbreak for me, I had a very hard time in getting them but I was very lucky for being able to see both shows :)


If I could turn back time to the day before the gig on the 1st, I was on my way getting a coach in the early morning. The coach came 30 mins late! I was worried because if the coach had a sudden cancellation, it would go to a long drama and I would be like not having a chance to go to the bakery before the show.


Anyway, when I arrived to London, I went straight through the Bakery. I met a few people there waiting for the band coming out from the studio. Then I met this girl from Spain, she was super friendly. She said she had joined Coldplaying a few years ago but never been so active. I also met a few people from USA - one guy told me he's from Chicago. Then I asked, "Where did you come from?" and he was like, "We went straight from the airport and came here to see Chris." And I was like oh wow that's so intentional lol. Some Coldplayers also came from Germany, Italy, and Turkey. I was glad to see some faces showing their love for the band, and mine too. Even though the band didn't come out that day, I felt happy to see Coldplayers had guts to come there and waited (for many hours lol).


At around maybe 2 or 3pm, a Coldplaying member contacted me to have a meet up at the tube station near the Bakery. She was wisna :) (Hi wisna!). We had some lunch and she gave me a LOVE badge, which was lovely. I actually purchased those badges a couple of weeks ago and I contacted the store they said they were having backorders, so I was unsure when I would get them at the nearer time. :(

Afterwards, we went to my hostel for putting my backpack and she waited me for kinda long time (sorry wisna :P), but we managed to go to the RAH on time.


My seat was at Stalls H, Row 4, Seat 29. When I sat down I was like, "Oh crap, my seat was broken, I couldn't move it oh well." Like I have paid so much money for the show but the seat was broken (?), but then we all, audiences, ended up with standing up and watching the band at the entire show, which was great - I saw hardly no one even sat down, which that was good ha! Everybody went crazy when Coldplay came on stage, all the screaming and all the noise made me wanting to go back to these moments again :(


I was sitting beside this man from Denmark, he kept talking about the band. I was happy that I thought I was gonna be real alone when watching the show. He brought this atmosphere where I thought we were pals for a while during the gig. I liked when everybody all jumping during AFSOS, ETIAW, and VLV. We were so MAAADDDDLY EXCITED!


When the first song came out (AIMH), I shouted CHRISSSSS out loud and literally almost having tears of joy. I felt like I finally made it to the show even though I almost wanted to give my tickets to someone else because of the very high-price. But then I changed my mind because of the rare opportunity I would get. Then I thought like, "You live only once, live to the fullest until it lasts" :)


Afterwards, Magic came out. I recorded some videos but not the whole song. When I was recording and Chris was heading to my side, and I think he was waving at me twice and giving a smile :) :) Dunno if it was just me or I was too excited! I was very happy! :D :D :D


I would say my favorite song of all time is ETIAW, I almost couldn't record the video because I was jumping during a whole song :) :) The song always gives me hope, passion, and vibrant. I like it both live and record - it's simply just awesome :)


After the show ended, I managed to meet wisna and one Coldplayer girl from Spain, then we decided to go to the stage door and waited for the band to come out from the building. We waited for almost an hour but we were only able to see Chris's dad! He was so damn tall, even taller than Chris I guess :lol:, we also saw Aluna George but that was it. No luck, again. No Coldplay in person :( We then decided to went back home straight away.


The next day on the 2nd, me and some Coldplayers from the forum arranged to have meet-ups at the opposite RAH by the statue. I was able to see Sparky, Linus, Zuzana, and Mayurshikotra. They were all really nice people :) I felt like living in a dream. I wouldn't have thought to meet people from the internet then finally meeting in person, it was just literally awesome day for me! (Thank you guys :)). We were hanging out at the Hyde Park and having a little chat, then deciding to go to the Bakery afterwards before the show (again for me). That time I was actually pessimistic because I knew Coldplay wouldn't even in the studio, but maybe it was still worthy to try again. So me, Sparky, Linus, and Mayur were managed to go to the Bakery and we were also passing by Chris's house that he sold for 7 million pounds (the place was 20 secs from the Bakery :P). I was also pessimistic that I wouldn't able to see the band on the second day. I went to gigsandtours and see tickets, but no luck! But then Sparky told me he had a spare ticket, which he later gave it to me :) :) (Thank you very much Sparky :D :D). It's such a rare opportunity to see the band for two days in a row and I was so grateful for being able to make it at the right time :)


When arriving at RAH, we managed to get tickets from the collection box. I guess we all missed out seeing the Aluna George. To be honest, I didn't like it so much because the music was too boring (no offense :)), so I waited outside at door 6 by the merchandise and mingled with Coldplayers whilst charging my phone (found some sockets in that area :P)


The show had started, my seat was at Stalls J, Row 11 (forgot where the seat was), I was sitting with these all hardworking men with formal suits when I was like the only one who wore VLV shirt and felt so young and childish. I was a bit angry during the show because when everyone started jumping, this man next to me just kept texting all the time and he didn't seem like enjoying the show. Other people were also sitting down in my row and I was the only one who had been standing up the entire time.


The part that I enjoyed so much was Don't Panic. I think everyone is talking about this. I liked it when Chris asked Jonny to sing it for 3 times. It was hilarious but I could see Jonny was kinda annoyed by Chris forcing him to sing, but that was for all the fun and I would have to say that Jonny is just better at being a guitarist not a singer :P, and now I'm curious what Guy sounds like when he sings, I have listened to a couple of songs from his second band called Apparatjik. He sounds great, but never actually listened to him singing Coldplay songs. Hopefully in the future :)


My second favorite moment of the show was Chris singing YEAH YEAH YEAH WHOOOOO at the end of AFSOS song, and he kept repeating it for three times and letting the audience to sing with him. I just thought it was really fun to do with everyone in the room :) :) :)


I was so happy that the two-night setlist has got the longest one amongst previous shows, they performed 18 songs! It felt like watching a movie with that almost 1.5 hours long, it was definitely worth it ;) I gotta say I have had the best nights in my life. Thank you very much Coldplay and Coldplayers to fulfill my best days, till next time! :) :) :)



Ghost Stories as the best-selling album of the year

Coldplayers got back to the ‘Coldplay-ish’ excitement like their first time being a huge fan. Being the best-selling album of the year was an unexpected event for the band--too. This statement was also mentioned by Chris on his interview with Zane Lowe. He believes that the album is meant to be personal and suitably intimate for the gig with only 5,000 people. Call it personal--call it true!

According to Independent, “Coldplay's sixth studio album has been named the biggest-selling album of the year so far” as of July 3rd, 2014. As the best-selling album of the year ever, “Ghost Stories has sold over 375,000 copies since its release in May”.

During the first week of release, Ghost Stories sold over 182,000 copies.

The top-selling albums of 2014 so far

1-Coldplay, Ghost Stories

2-Paolo Nutini, Caustic Love

3-Ellie Goudling, Halcyon

4-Paloma Faith, A Perfect Contradiction

5-Sam Smith, In The Lonely Hour

6-Pharrell Williams, Girl

7-Bastille, Bad Blood

8-London Grammar, If You Wait

9-Beyonce, Beyonce

10-Arctic Monkeys, AM

The band’s song collaboration on Wish I Was Here film played by Zach Braff

Braff mentioned about how Chris came into an idea the song was sung by Cat Power and the idea was genius.

“Chris had the idea that it would be sung by a woman. I thought that was a genius idea, because one of the things the film is about is a strong woman [Kate Hudson’s character] becoming the matriarch of her family. When Chris and I were talking, we both kind of simultaneously said, ‘Cat Power.’ I reached out to Chan Marshall (aka Cat Power) and she and I met and really clicked. I set her up to watch the film in her apartment. The whole time she was watching she kept texting me all the different parts she was loving. She said yes the instant it was over.”

Chris Martin appears to be the backing-vocals featuring Cat Power as lead vocals. The piano rhythm still brings the ‘classic Coldplay feel’. Listen to the full preview here on iTunes

The band’s donation to ill-fan fundraiser

Apart from being one of the greatest bands in the world, the band also are passionate with helping a hand in a community. Briton Jody Duff, a long-time Coldplay fan, is battling with motor neurone disease, a progressive neurological condition that has confined him to a wheelchair”.

Through JustGiving page, he has raised over £42K for the disease including the donation from the band. The donation is still ongoing.

During Royal Albert Hall Show, Coldplay dedicated “Fix You” to Duff and invited him to spend time mingling backstage with celebs and guests. "We just want to send him, from us and from all of you, as much love as we possibly can,” Martin told the crowd.



iHeartRadio Festival Lineup

In July, iHeartRadio announced that Coldplay were on top of the list amongst other performers including Taylor Swift, One Direction, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj, and many more. Coldplay part ran around 20 minutes. The shows were held on September 19 and 20. More information will be discussed in September.

The band’s video shoot for True Love

The spoiler for True Love video shoot was confirmed in Venice Beach, Los Angeles. Even though there was speculation of the unknown video that was made for, Luminario Ballet revealed about the video collaboration with Coldplay on Twitter.

the @coldplay video is True Love. We all have to wait to see how it looks I hope beautiful! pic.twitter.com/gpZ48GdtMN— Luminario Ballet (@luminarioballet) July 1, 2014

Behind the scenes:



Yellow song for Boyhood movie soundtrack

The releasing movie of Boyhood on July 11th, the featured song ‘Yellow’ was played at the beginning scene when Mason is picked up from school

The featuring song of Yellow gives a good glimpse of looking back to the nostalgia where Coldplay made a huge hit on Parachutes album and this song was one those songs which made the band popular. Apart side of popularity, the song depicts to the movie perfectly following from the family in earlier years. The combination of both screen and song are just delicate and perfect.

Some reviews say about this feature song in the movie:

“Richard Linklater’s Boyhood begins with Coldplay’s “Yellow” accompanying an overhead shot of a six-year-old Texan, Mason (Ellar Coltrane), lying flat on his back and staring off into the daytime sky. The opening’s perfect balance of intimacy, grandiosity, and nostalgia sets the stage for writer/director Linklater’s unprecedented depiction of 21st century childhood and adolescence, shot over the course of 12 years with the same core cast of Coltrane, Ethan Hawke, Patricia Arquette, and Lorelei Linklater (the director’s daughter).”

“It's a sensational filmmaking achievement, and one that's backed by an eclectic mix of music from the last decade - everyone from Coldplay to Arcade Fire, Lady Gaga to Blink-182 can be heard throughout the movie. It's a wonderfully nostalgic trip down memory lane and one carefully planned out by Linklater.”

Chris Martin on participating the music involvement for Prince Harry’s Invictus Games

‘The Ghost Stories Hitmaker’ had an opportunity to compose the anthem track for Prince Harry’s Invictus Games for September event in London. The Invictus Games was supported and organized by The Royal Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry and the Ministry of Defence.

Take a look at the lyrics and give it a listen.[video=youtube;XFM5dgPoLrE]


‘A Sky Full of Stars’ song for Apple’s Diversity advertisement

Apple published a video related to LGBT Pride Parade in San Francisco featuring ASFOS.

Apple’s Youtube Description:

“On June 29, thousands of Apple employees and their families marched in the San Francisco Pride Parade. They came from around the world — from cities as far as Munich, Paris, and Hong Kong — to celebrate Apple's unwavering commitment to equality and diversity. Because we believe that inclusion inspires innovation.”

Additionally, this was the first time for Apple sanctioned a group to march in the San Francisco Parade.


The idea of the video is to gather everyone to get involved and respect human rights, equality and diversity. The song that comes with it in this video gives a good vibe that it is suitable to be played in huge public events. The song has made a big hit alongside Viva La Vida and Yellow singles on Coldplay's previous albums.


ASFOS Hardwell Remix song release


The official Coldplay Youtube account posted this song at the end of July 31. Apart from the original record of the song, the remix appears to be another great exploration to the ‘Electro-house’ genre.


Give it a listen!

The first ever published online article on Chris Martin campaign 'Freedom of Exeter gains support'10269428_403618499800510_4452460090795858585_n.jpg?oh=105d98f427e8c043b851c38c183fc470&oe=552D3A85

Chris Martin is asked to receive an honor from his hometown in Exeter, Devon in addition to creating the great musicwork over 15 years. The campaign was started in July 2014 by Mike Vinnicombe, also originally from Devon, and has made over 6,000 followers across the internet. An article also was published earlier in July.


Follow the campaign on Facebook & Twitter and make sure to follow up on Chris Martin updates too!

Keep going Mike, you can do it! :D

Coldplay Horoscope


Have you heard of this fun app? Coldplay Horoscope was released on Google Play Store in July 2014. Discover your zodiac and the current event and song of the day that will appear on your mobile screen. A free app developed by Rafael Bautista, only available on Android if you are using. The language features in English and Spanish. Havent got one yet? Download the app now!


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