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  1. Went in with low expectations. And after the first listen, came out with a resounding meh. Coloratura, a song that could have been a high light of their career, gets lost in all the filler and mostly forgettable music on the record. And what did they do to pride of the people?! The raw energy in the live version is completely lost trying to make the song what it is not, with a trendy modern production. Only songs I want to immediately give a second listen to are humankind, infinity sign and biutyful. So this album is a miss for me. But I'm really looking forward to having a wonderful time
  2. Come on people!! You know the rules!! NO LINKS, NO LINK REQUESTS!
  3. It did take some time to get back to earth. Reminder, no distribution of unreleased material folks!
  4. About the album being finished or not, in one of the interviews Will and Guy did, they were asked if the album name would be alien radio. Guy said they are still working on it, so they don't know. Will added that there is a lot to still do. I do think they are still working on it (definitely lying about not knowing the name), but most of the songs, if not all, are already there. I'm expecting the album to land in a few months as well. With more opportunities to promote in person, have a few promo shows in different locations. I am excited for the idea that songs are coming from different
  5. Hello everybody, exciting times again! Well done on cracking the codes! Coldplay fans out Sherlock Holmes to shame ::dazzled:: This reminds me of fetch the bolt cutters..
  6. They don't have the same traction with mainstream media they used to have. For example, look at the Jordan stream coverage, or the coverage focusing on the lyrical subject matter, or basically anything they have done this era. Other than the controversial no touring comments, other things were hardly written about and talked about. It happens as a band ages and the lack of promo didn't really help bridge the gap. In terms of the album being #1 it was in a few countries, but not in as many as it used to be. Like it was #7 in the US. People hardly knew that a new album was out. There was a time
  7. I went to the show on Monday! I can't tell you how much I loved it. Just wish more fans got the chance to see EL songs live. Listening to the live versions makes you appreciate them all the more.
  8. I went to one of the palladium shows. I've loved this album more than any album released since I became a huge fan (2011). Still, what caught me off guard was how much I enjoyed the EL songs live than even the oldies like Sparks and LIJ. I love those songs, but the EL songs really came alive. Orphans wasn't one of my favorites in the album, but holy cow is it good live! Arabesque was the most transcendent experience I've had at a Coldplay gig. I just wish Coldplay had released this album when they were relevant in the mainstream media. Imagine the impact it could have had!
  9. Like @iranaway said, nothing in this post is true. I was there at the concert. For me, it was absolutely amazing. This concert was from a verified fan sale and the people I spoke to were huge Coldplay fans who had seen them more than a dozen times in some cases. People lined up since early in the morning to get front row. The atmosphere was good. I was singing along to the EL songs with plenty of others around me. Chris may have thought it was a shitty gig, but it was in no way a shitty gig to me. He has always been pretty self critical anyway. About the incident itself, read what really ha
  10. This thread used to be so active. When did Chris get ugly for people to stop posting here?
  11. This interview was just painful to watch. Chris seemed to be in a not-so-talkative mood and none of the DJs had obviously heard any of the album other than orphans. And all the out of context quotes from other interviews. Ugh
  12. That interview basically gave an in depth insight into champion of the world!
  13. Yeah I found the interview interesting as well. Felt like the interviewer was a friend and maybe why Chris was comfortable with being that open. We hardly got any deflective jokes we always get. That said, the interview could have been more structured and more in depth. Could have been a lot better. But happy to get this insight.
  14. I don't know.. seems like the band will drag out the era beyond this year (I hope so!). At least in terms of video releases, etc. The trouble in town video probably wouldn't come out this month if they plan on shooting it mid December for almost a week in Kiev. If they plan on performing at the Grammys for example, LA shows early next year makes sense. But who knows. All we know is that they'll be in London mid December for Graham Norton.
  15. I don't think they'll remove the snippet. I think they will keep it explicit. That snippet carries a lot of importance in the song and in delivering its message. I'd be pretty surprised if they take that away from the video, considering the video's general direction based on the ad.
  16. Looks like we are getting music videos for at least most of the songs. That's one way to compensate for a short era. [MEDIA=twitter]1200890490201223168[/MEDIA] View: https://twitter.com/I_Ran_Away/status/1200890490201223168?s=19
  17. This is fantastic news! [MEDIA=twitter]1200890490201223168[/MEDIA] View: https://twitter.com/I_Ran_Away/status/1200890490201223168?s=19
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