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Download the Coldplaying app – for Android, iPhone & iPad! (V1.1)


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It's here! The Coldplaying mobile app is now ready for download on the iOS store and on Google Play. A few of you have tested the app already (V1 - BETA) and we thank you for the overwhelming response so far.


Click here to download the Coldplaying app for Android devices

Click here to download the Coldplaying app for iPhone & iPad

Please remember to rate the app if you like it and share with other fans :)

I would like to give to a massive thank you to Batman and atlas2000 from our graphics team for their role in the app and to everyone who has given me feedback so far.

Here's a list of the full app features for V1.1

Coldplaying App Features


Simple interface: Simple and easy to use navigation.

Articles: The latest Coldplaying.com articles, displayed in a simple format, on one app!

Latest News: The very latest news, posted by fans and our dedicated news team, meaning you won't miss the news of a Coldplay concert, song or album.

Coldplay Games: Take part in the latest message-based games, such as 'The war of Coldplay songs' and 'The elimination game' or even create one! Your imagination is the limit.

Coldplay Multimedia: Download remixed, rare and live Coldplay. Everything which isn't purchasable is listed on our multimedia section! Haven't found what you were looking for? Feel free to request it.

Browse: Browse the world of Coldplaying. From the next album, 'A Head Full Of Dreams', to 'X10Y' to all non-Coldplay related chat! If there's something on your mind, you can share it with other fans, in the relevant section.

My Discussions: Keep track of all your conversations on the Coldplaying app.

Messages: Chat to fellow Coldplayers, in our Facebook-style private inbox. Find fellow fans with the 'Coldplayers' feature.

Future updates


Updates planned for V1.2:

- The ability to directly upload images

- In app adverts

Weekly newsletter updates are also planned, in the near future.



How do I register?

Simply click 'Join in' on the menu, then 'Join'. All you need to fill in is a username, email address and password.


If you have an existing Coldplaying forum account (from the past 15 years!), you can login with that but feel free to create another one if it's been that long and you can't remember your details!


Why are the iOS app graphics different to Android's?

We had many issues and long delays when submitting the iOS app. More specifically, Apple wouldn't let us use anything Coldplay related in the graphics or even the name 'Coldplaying', hence the simpler graphics and why the app name appears as 'CPing'.


On the multimedia section, links to a download take me to another site. How do I know to trust it?

No downloads are hosted on our server, so are directed to file hosting sites such as Mediafire and Mega, to name a few. These are trusted sites. If you are not sure, please look at the replies from other members and feel free to ask if you are not sure or having any problems with the download.


What are the differences between Coldplaying's and The Atlas Project's app?

The Atlas Project app is currently in BETA and the creator, Ian has a blog with sneak peeks and updates, you can check it out there for more info. They will be two different experiences, with ours being based on our existing community. I will be using the app, in addition to Coldplaying's. I'm looking forward to the release of it, looks very impressive!


Will the Coldplaying app include adverts?

Yes. The app is currently ad-free to begin with, while I work on implementing them within the app. Coldplaying, as a totally free community is dependable on ads to fund the server costs, which costs $$$$'s per year and are run with expansion in mind, to handle thousand's of fans using the site during busy times :)


Why is the version number is different on the app store?

V1.1 is the version code I prefer to use on the site as the app is new, rather than the app store version which is 3+


I found a bug. How do I report it?

Visit the bug reporting thread, under the 'Coldplaying.com' sub forum.

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