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Hey im new here..

I Love Chris Martin

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hey everyone.. i just joined this message board, ive been trying to find a good message board for coldplay for a lil while now and this one i kinda lurked at for a few days and i really enjoyed reading the stuff here so i decided to join.. anways though i am a huge fan of coldplay..im a fairly new fan though.. i loved the song yellow when it came out but i didnt become a big fan until in my place came out.. i just recently saw them in Orlando at the hard rock..it was the best concert ive been to probably ever lol.. they all were amazing and chris sounded great.. I noticed though that he had his wrist wrapped up and i see it wrapped up a lot now.. is that something he always does when he performs or did he just recently hurt it? anways though im looking forward to being apart of this message board! :D




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Well welcome! I'm also a recent member, but I was welcomed with open arms ("so I crawl back into your open arms") , that's what they're all about here :D

A little tip; THEY'RE ALL MAD!! :silly:


A welcome and a jump :ukliam: from me!

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I am kinda new here too. I went to my first Coldplay concert a week ago. They were great!! This board is great too.
my first coldplay concert was about a week ago too. actually it was a week ago from today.


welcome to the board, and yes it is a good one 8)

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