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Analysis Thread of Coldplay Songs


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I have been wondering also earlier these. When there is a good rhythm, enough calm, but not too slow, it gives a listener a good feeling where to hold on and how to carry on.


This sort of analysis could cover more things.


For example the song True Love. You can count the rhythm in different ways, but here is mine. The rhythm could be in 4, there could be 8 eights, that make a a base rhythm and create a bar of 4 fours. (quick counting way) I listen the song as a positive one, even though the lyrics are a bit like swimming in the water.


Then I take a sad love song, from one Finnish music maker. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id=PtKhhaeBq50;list=RDPtKhhaeBq50

Here the melody rhythm in the background, same sort of system, eights, but the song has 12 eights, that are making 4 fours to create a bar. I hear in this song a lost love and a lost person.


But in both of these songs, we have in the background this sort of melody beat. The happy one is slower, I feel that it is slower, no matter how you count the rhythm. And then I feel that this sad Finnish one is quicker, there is some distress and lack.

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I think in many newer songs of Coldplay they have a positive supportive rhythm, for example Lovers in Japan. Lyrics have always been good. Some other British pop artists have had lyrics, that can be interpreted as a bit teasing ones.

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