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Vote the Oldplaying thread as Best thread of 2015 - Coldplay section !

I ran away

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Vote for the Ultimate Oldplaying thread in the category "Best thread of 2015 - Coldplay section" ! In this thread we celebrate the sound and style of Coldplay's earlier work, sharing and discussing music and footage from the Pre-Parachutes, Parachutes, AROBTTH, X&Y and VLVODAAHF Eras !. Several people have told me it has even become their favorite part of the Coldplaying forums !




If you love us, won't you let us know ? Vote the Oldplaying thread for Best thread of 2015 - Coldplay section !

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I've voted for this thread.


As with any other thread, I don't necessarily agree with all the posters or their posts, but I think the original idea that spawned this thread was a good one - to look back and celebrate what was loved about Coldplay in its earlier days... There have been many good links to many of their earlier work, and it's been a good reminder of their earlier output and sound, and what many have loved about their early years. Unfortunately sometimes whole sections did devolve into bashing the "state" of this band in more recent times - however as no one ultimately holds control over posting any opinions in any area of this forum (barring admin / mods who can move or delete posts), this is not surprising and should not in fairness, be held against this thread, although no doubt it would have been less fiery and colorful without these posts...


Here's my glass to this thread returning to its original purpose - that of celebrating Oldplay (without thought of tarnishing any other history / memory of this band)...

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