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What has been your favorite tour? Why?

Jennifer M.

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Hello, fellow coldplayers ! Please forgive me if this has been discussed before! Although I have been a fan for 16 years, my dream of seeing them live finally came true in 2012 during the MX tour! It was truly a magical experience! One I will never forget! I loved the stage, lights, confetti , and especially the bands that lit up during different songs! Of course my favorite part was seeing the band I love so much! I have seen many other artists live and Coldplay has been my favorite by far! I'm dying to see them on this tour, unfortunately they are not touring anywhere near me! I would love to hear about your favorite tour!

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I have never seen Coldplay live, but have watched a lot of concert footage. My fav tour is the Twisted Logic Tour ! There shows were pretty lively and big but not yet too big (as I had a feeling they became with Viva). Excellent vocals by Chris, great atmosphere, outfits not too fancy, very genuine. Coldplay at their peak, imho :)

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My fave tour was MX. It's also the tour during which I went to most concerts - mostly because it made me so happy and I wanted to feel it again and again (talk about drunk and high :D). MX isn't necessarily my favourite album, but the energy the tour provided, the setlists, the Xylobands, the combination of indoors and outdoors shows, the colourfulness, the creative elements coming together...it was just perfect for me.


I also loved the tours for AROBTTH and Viva, but only during MX every single concert made me feel so incredibly alive and grateful, that I can only conclude that it was my fave overall. During other eras I hade the odd one or two shows where I didn't feel the energy that much. AROBTTH was however very special to me, as it was my first tour and such a formative time of my life (I was still a baby, lol!).


Twisted Logic was my least favourite tour, unfortunately. I just couldn't feel the connection with the band and the music during any of the shows I went to. I was lucky enough to score a ticket for a secret show in Cologne back then before the album came out and felt like the luckiest person on earth getting to see them in front of just 800 people. I actually remember crying at home after the concert, because I hadn't felt an emotional connection during the whole show, lol. I seriously thought the love for my favourite band had just disappeared into thin air.

But good things were coming my way. ;)

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I love the VLV tour, I'm a big fan of the whole thing.

I loved the setlist (it had the hits but also a lot of songs from the album, something that gets harder and harder with each album), the butterflies in LIJ :heart: and I'm also a big fan of the images they displayed during the song, Will singing DWNC on the C-stage, etc... I could go on for days! :lol:


However, that's the first and only (but not for long :bomb:) time I've seen them live, so I'm pretty biased.


Other than that, every tour seemed a lot of fun, the are all different and I wish I could have attended a show in each! :P

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