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  1. Ah, how I have not missed these stressful ticket hunts. Worst part of being a fan. :joy: I get the disappointment and desperation. I've been there (when missing out on Brixton Academy tickets in 2008 I cried for a whole day and it could have filled up a bathtub). I tried too and didn't get a ticket, but that's okay and there'll be other chances. I feel privileged to even be able to consider going to London on short notice with all that it means in regards to missing work, money for accommodation, transport, etc. Not everybody is able to do that and maybe it's 'cause the guys taught me to be grateful for things like that, that I'm not sad this time. Unpopular opinion it seems, but I didn't think the Gigs & Tours setup was a fiasco. I've seen much, much worse in 17 years of trying for Coldplay tickets. :laughing: Yeah, would have been better to have you enter the code first and then be placed into a queue, but oh well. At least the servers didn't crash completely. I also had the chance to select a ticket from the drop-down a couple of times, but didn't get a ticket allocated. You have to have the luck of the exact right millisecond there. When a ticket becomes available again you're surely not the only one who refreshed the page in that exact moment, and then somebody else might have simply been faster to press the red button. There were what, 500 or maybe 1,000 tickets for this show? I mean, what do you expect? That is so incredibly few given the demand. I'm not surprised at all that we don't hear from a lot of people who've actually gotten tickets. Surely not everybody is on social media and/or Coldplaying. Also doesn't necessarily mean they are "less of a fan". I think there will never be a way to make this completely fair to everybody. Everyone will have different opinions on what fair even means. Sometimes things in life are just down to pure luck. I hope everybody who's in London without a ticket will have a fabulous time nevertheless. London is such an amazing place - even without Coldplay. :blush:
  2. That whole concert was such a thing of beauty. When that flock of birds flew by in front of this huge, setting sun. :sob: I will forever associate the songs with today's setting and I love that. This is the seventh album release I'm experiencing as a fan and they always managed to surprise and fascinate me anew. How lucky are we to be alive at the exact time as these guys?
  3. I mean, steal from the best, eh? :p I was at the first European show in Berlin on Friday and when that intro started, I briefly thought I had awoken from a weird dream in which I thought I was at a U2 show, but in reality was at yet another Coldplay concert, lol. As far as I know, the intro is reworked for the European shows and the Chaplin speech had not been used in North America. I actually liked that connection between my two favourite bands. It was very powerful with the pictures on the screen.
  4. Words cannot express how much I adore this song and its message. :heart: I really needed somebody to tell me that I can be someone special. I somehow thought it would be about someone special in terms of a love interest, but it's about me being special (and each and every one of you). :heart_eyes: Also, I really like Big Sean's part. It fits oddly well with the uplifting mood in terms of adding a style that drives the song further forward.
  5. That was my first thought, too. Though I'm not sure if Ryanair would classify that as hand luggage.
  6. I'm in Cardiff already for tomorrow's show. Just came back to my hotel from exploring the city and...WTF! Chris has turned up at the reception. As a life-sized cardboard cutout. He looks as surprised as I am! :joy:
  7. I'm sad to see this tour coming to an end. It's been such a fantastic run! I hope they rest, record something new, and get back to blowing us away with awesome live shows! I couldn't bear it truly being the end - and I hope they can neither. Today marks the 15th anniversary of my very first Coldplay gig - 9th July 2002 in Hamburg. Gosh, I can't believe it's been that long! This day truly changed my life forever and I am so grateful to have this band and passion in my life. Also, the ticket cost €24 back then - those were the days. :laughing:
  8. Too bad. :( I saw that on Ticketmaster they're also selling premium seats without the catering now for 129 €. (They could have given two of them to you - looks like they can't fill all the seats.)
  9. My guess is that they won't spend the night in Hamburg due to G20 and might fly out with their jet the same evening. Hamburg airport has restrictions and flights can only leave until 11 pm (restrictions are only lifted for government aircrafts).
  10. Yeah well, the addition "smoke" to GPASUYF nearly got us all killed. :p It was so thick, black and stinky, they had to stop the song and make sure everybody was okay. Was that really just the "normal" smoke - did anybody see? I first assumed that the fireworks had set something on fire.
  11. You need 100 points to advance to the Leader level. In the benefits for this level they mention "Early access to Global Citizen events". I'm not sure if it applies to the festival, but I can't find any information on it and they still haven't answered my email or Facebook message. Might give Twitter a try. Has anybody else received the email today thanking you for your commitment and offering to apply for two more tickets? Does anybody still need a ticket? They only let you know on July 4th, though, if you can get them...
  12. Oh yes, that's how I feel, too! I sidestepped a spilled beer in Vienna just by inches. That would have been the end of them, lol. But now after three concerts they still look surprisingly good.
  13. Has anybody found out how to get early entry when you have enough status points? Global Citizen has not answered my email, unfortunately.
  14. Ah yeah, I was late. Probably queuing about three miles behind you guys, lol.
  15. Soundcheck was just Violet Hill and AHFOD today.
  16. Oops, I only just discovered the remixes of SJLT. I love the Jai Wolf remix. Starts out dreampop-ish and turns into full-blown 80s cheese. Yeah, I'm weird, but I dig it! :laughing:
  17. Absolutely loving this despite some weird production bits. As some of you already said it gives off vibes of different eras - the beginning feels almost like the early EPs to me and then there's Atlas in there somewhere (which I adore). How do they always manage to put something out that I seem to exactly need at that time? I guess that's why they're still my favourites.
  18. Oh, meant to add that one of my favourite bits was Chris introducing Jonny and saying that he was just a "fat student" when he first met him and that by now he has turned into a sex god. :joy: The intro for Guy was really sweet and heartfelt.
  19. I guess most of the more casual fans aren't really that aware of the song yet and it's mostly us hardcore fans analysing and noticing. Sure, I would have loved to hear it, but I had a fabulous time nevertheless (with the good ol' setlist - at least you always know what you're getting, lol). Now that they made the app official news, they probably added it to the screens. Was probably not really aligned yet with what they would play. Don't think band & crew were trying to be intentionally mean, but if so, I welcome this meanness as an unexpected visitor. :rolleyes:
  20. Well, it said, open the app when the song Hypnotised is played. Didn't say it would be played that day. Maybe what they meant to say is: "Open the app when we play it in 2019." :p As it wasn't on the setlist I guess it wasn't meant to be played. Maybe they're still figuring it out. I'm sure it will be added at some point.
  21. Damn, so I spent 10 MB of valuable data volume on downloading the app minutes before the concert... And then they didn't play the song. :laughing:
  22. Soundcheck is hard to hear today. Sounded like Lovers In Japan to me first. Then definitely followed by Yes. :eek: They need to make a concert out of the the soundchecked songs! Edit: Now Us Against The World.
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