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Hello from Sunny Singapore :)


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Hiiiiiiiya everyone! I'm so glad to have found this forum. My first ever Coldplay show was on the 15th at Wembley and yes I've been called crazy for flying out alone for 13 hours just to watch them live for the first time. Absolutely no regrets!! I remember that Friday morning on the train to Cambridge, I felt so uneasy and that something was really bugging me to just DO IT AGAIN. And so I decided to book a ticket for the 18th show :P Felt like the show on the 18th was so so much better... I think it was the crowd??? And the company?? Maybe some kind of magic??? I think that day was quite like the best day of my life as of yet. :) I flew back next morning at 9am and I thought the whole trip simply ended so so perfectly, in an unexpected way. So happy to have met so many amazing fans from all around the world!! Queuing at 9am... rushing to the gates... getting that QR code scanned in the fastest way possible... grabbing the Xylobands... and then SPRINTING towards the barrier. Amazing. Day. And most unique experience by far.


Anyway, I'm so glad to have found this forum. Can't wait to see you all and Coldplay again. :)

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Guest diogo_sg

Hi! Welcome to Coldplaying! Hope you have a great time here. And it sounds like you had an amazing and definitely unforgettable experience. I just wish I'm able to do something like that soon :D

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