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If I Could Go Back to Any Coldplay Era....


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This thought just popped into my head, so I thought I'd create a thread!




If I could go back and witness any Coldplay era and also go to a show, I would go back to the Mylo Xyloto era because I see so much beauty in that album and time of the band's career.

The MX era was bursting with creativity. Listening to the songs and watching Live 2012 or other live performances from that time bring me such happiness!

It just seems like a magical time, and I would love to witness it for myself!



Feel free to share your thoughts and maybe list more than one era you would like to visit. You can also wish to re-live an era as well if you have been a fan of the band for a long time!

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Nice thread !

I would go to the X&Y Era, because I love the songs of this Era most (closely followed by AROBTTH) and the whole style (clothing with dark shirts and wide trousers, the equality sign drawing and tapes on the hand....) was so "unfashionable" that it was good ! It was more about the music and less about the show (not that I don't like the show effects of recent years, but it just gives it a completely different vibe imho). The band was at the peak during that time, I think.

I would also like to visit the AROBTTH Era. Again very simple and unassuming in style but meaningful in its music. Chris's live vocals at their best, back then. And the shows started with Politik !

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Tbh I'd like to go back to every era. I think each one is special in it's own way and I wish I had a chance to be part of it as a fan.


But if I could only choose one I'd choose the Viva La Vida era. It's my favorite and I would love to hear all those great songs they hardly ever played again live. Their outfits and instruments looked so beautiful and I just love litterally everything about it. I want to count down to the release of VLVODAAHF and listen to the songs for the first time, watch all the music videos and interviews right when they happen... I'd really die to go back to that era and live through it as a fan.

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