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Could I still achieve the Coldplay sound using PRS guitars and Gibson guitars?


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Hello Coldplayers! I could really use some insight from any guitar gurus here on Coldplaying.


I'm a giant fan of the "ringing", "chiming", and "jangling" guitar sound that is the trademark style of Coldplay and U2.


I know Jonny mostly plays Fender guitars, and so does The Edge.


However, The Edge also uses Gibson guitars. In fact, The Edge usually plays a Gibson Explorer (an axe mostly seen in hard rock music) during live performances of Beautiful Day, and that characteristic U2 tone can still be heard.


I own a Gibson Les Paul Standard and my friend owns a Paul Reed Smith (I don't know which model).


Could I still nail the trademark Coldplay sound or U2 sound using a PRS guitar and a Gibson guitar?


I know PRS guitars and Gibson guitars have humbuckers, and Fender Strats have single-coils. But Jonny's favorite Fender Thinline Telecaster has humbuckers. So I think the PRS sound vs. Gibson sound vs. Fender sound shouldn't be that different.


I'm not at all a guitar-playing expert. Any advice from Coldplayer guitarists here would be appreciated.


Thanks guys.

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I can't answer for sure but...


1. Jonny often uses a Les Paul for live performances on Violet Hill and it's very crunchy and great.


2. Achieving the effects is as much about the effects as it is the guitar --> figure out the right combo of overdrive, reverb, and delay to get to what you need. For instance, running most anything into a Boss RV5 reverb on its Modulate mode is highly likely to get you close to Lovers in Japan.


3. Jonny also uses a Fender Stratocaster for much of MX and the MX tour, and the Edge uses the strat a lot (such as on Where the Streets Have No Name). Not sure how a Start compares to a PRS or Les Paul, but it's just something to throw in there for your consideration.

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