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Time to figure out how to play Hipnotised


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Has anyone figured out anything for how to play Hipnotised yet? I'm trying to figure it out on piano.


So far, in my left hand, I'm playing an F octave, then an F chord (FAC). Then an A and E followed by a D octave and a D minor chord (DFA). Next I play an A and E followed by an A# octave. Then I think it's an F octave with an F chord again? Followed by an inverted E minor chord perhaps? Not quite sure.


Then for some reason, the part in the left hand is really messing me up. It seems really simple, but I just can't tell if there's 3 notes being played, or 4. At first I was thinking it was just "FACA", but now I'm starting to think it's "FGAC". Does anyone have any suggestions for what it could be?


Edit: So if I use the FGAC progression, then it would be FGAC, then FGAD. After that, I think it's just a stretch to do FGAF followed by FGAE.

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