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Vive la Résistance or Love Behind Enemy Lines


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Hey guys, this is a song with many influences, but as you can tell from the title, Coldplay is a big one.


Though, I discuss the song in detail in the link. I will say that I've worked on this song, on and off, for 2 years.

So I'm super nervous about what people think, but here's why I really made this song..


I live in Alabama.. in the US. People here are, mostly older people here are.. conservative. They exist in a simpler time.

I have friends and family that are almost gearing for war, stocking on guns, etc.. It's just sad because their reaction to gun violence is to get more guns. It's like America as a whole acts like it has an auto-immune disease.


We invite more danger in as a reaction to an already dangerous landscape.


I remember the way Paris handled their terrorist attacks in 2015. It was this air of .."we will not let this alter us. We will remember, but we will not dwell. We will not let this nightmare invade our dreams and turn the very fabric of our good nature against us. And I thought about Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends. It almost perfectly captured that mood.


It was a dark period but a hopeful one. It ended on a song about war and recycled revenge.

It's now my ode to my family and friends.


And this is my sorta version of that same response to terror. Hope you guys like!



Mobile Link: https://belo.bandcamp.com/track/vive-la-r-sistance-or-love-behind-enemy-lines

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