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Random Coldplay Trivia


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Hmm some of the trivia on reddit seems off compared to what I have been able to gather from biographies and interviews. But what do I even know lol.


My favorite Coldplay trivia is probably that Chris found Jonny at uni by hearing him play guitar late at night in his dorm room. He knew instantly Jonny was his missing piece. ❤

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"off" as in they aren't accurate? Oh well, fooled me anyways!


Chris's great great grandfather was responsible for daylight saving time. I wonder if that why chris had Daylight and Clocks as song titles!?

;) the very first time I went to UK, a surprising experience - as I never stayed in a place with "so long" a summer day, with the sunlight till almost 11pm :cool: doing so much more each day sounds good

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