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  1. Not all heroes wear capes!!! Thank you!!! My heart needed this!!!
  2. Thank you. This is the best online community I've ever been a part of. ♥️
  3. Haven't been here since probably EL came out. World events threw me into a pretty deep depression. I somehow forgot to listen to Coldplay through it. Honestly I've not listened to anything much. I've had two very vivid dreams recently where I saw Chris Martin at concerts and he refused to let me meet him even though I wanted to very badly. Literally shook his head and turned away. I think that means listen to Coldplay again? Don't know how to interpret that. 😂
  4. What a wonderful gift to help lift spirits worldwide about now....
  5. Does anyone else feel like holding on for everyday life was a prophetic notion for the whole world about now?:broken_heart:
  6. This song is my childhood, just from a girl's perspective.
  7. Sometimes in life I feel like Cassandra if Greek mythology...I can see what's coming, and even try to do all I can to avoid it but I can't stop it. This is how I think Chris feels in this song but...instead of utterly defeated he picks himself off and keeps going.
  8. When your teenage kid requests you to sing them a little Coldplay before bed, you know you're doing something right. :heart_eyes:
  9. When your teenage kid requests you to sing them a little Coldplay before bed, you know you're doing something right. :heart_eyes:
  10. Sometimes just Chris and Jonny do really small gigs together. If Guy and Will really wanted to be there I think they would've? Maybe they are like yeah man, you got this.
  11. As someone who can be hotheaded, I understand how it is to be pushed and say things you don't mean to say... But I was disappointed to see this. I hate those autograph hunter people too...and TMZ....and paparazzi.... ....but he could've just really completely ignored them and got in the car and not signed anything at all. Especially since, honestly, I mean they haven't had much press or audience engagement or anything this time, and this is what gets circulated. And it is disappointing to hear him call a show shitty when true fans mostly have said it was not shitty. I constantly have
  12. Any inkling if Champion of the World gets a video? It's my mantra these days...
  13. I kind of wish they'd just totally surprise every f-ing body on the planet and do some crazy hard and angry stuff across generations like no one's ever seen before. Imagine Coldplay cross Rage cross Rammstein.
  14. Even tho LA is in my country might as well be London! Given work and home responsibilities besides the competitive ticket process, it looks like it's not in the cards for me, so I will continue to live vicariously through fellow Coldplayers and also remember how lucky I was to see them even once!
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