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CPPP - The Coldplay Pad Project

I ran away

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Hello everyone,

so I've long been fascinated by these wonderful synth pads that build the basis of many great Coldplay songs. I once heard a recreation of the In My Place pad isolated (credit goes to @fuzzyman20, he did a wonderful job !!) and it was so relaxing and soothing that I had to look for more. Or take the Clocks pad that gives off a mysterious and spacey vibe. In short, many of these pads are awesome. Unfortunately we don't have the stems of most songs and so can't get a chance to listen to the pads isolated. I spent a while digging for everything I could find and then selecting the best to make a compilation or, if you want, a short ambient suite of what I believe are the best Coldplay pads.



Here it is and I hope you find it equally calming, and that it gets you dreaming :innocent:




Let's dedicate this thread and project to unearthing, recreating and talking about Coldplay's pads.

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