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effects for bass...?


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when i played bass in a band, i used a guitar distortion pedal from time to time, but if you're going to go that route, find one that sounds unbelievably thick and bottom heavy when you play a guitar with it, because otherwise it's going to sound like crap. there are also distortion pedals for bass, as well as wah pedals, "bass synth" pedals (which are basically auto-wahs), and an array of other things. look around at http://www.musiciansfriend.com. there's nothing stopping you from running any guitar effect on bass, really... it's just that most of them won't really sound as good. the bass player in the band i'm in now uses a guitar effects processor for delays and such.


oh, and i'm pretty sure they don't make an ebow for bass, but i've gotten my ebow to work on my bass... you just have to be really careful or it won't work. not really worth doing in a song.

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yeah one time i used my cousins pedal on my bass but it didnt really sound all that great... do you know of any bass players in bands that use effects? i sure havent seen any, but im curious.


also: i have a little 15 watt practice amp but when i play with my band they obviously cant hear me very well so i was going to get a 100 or so watt amp...

would you recommend buying it off the internet? if not, anywhere you might suggest? guitarcenter is a bit overpriced but im sure they have a guarantee of some sort.

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well, there are lots of bassists that use distortion. tim commerford from rage against the machine (who also uses a wah pedal) and robert sledge from ben folds five are two right off the top of my head...


and if you're going to buy an amp, there are lots of online retailers that you can shop around with that are going to be cheaper than retail chains and you'll have the same warrantees and such. http://www.musiciansfriend.com http://www.music123.com http://www.zzounds.com are all good places to start... they're all essentially the same, with some variation in stock.

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