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Queen Visits Coldplay Factory


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By Peter Archer, Court Correspondent, PA News



She may not know the music – but she knows the CD cover inside out.


When the Queen visited a factory assembly line today, she was shown how a Coldplay album is packaged.


“She was interested in how we put together the special CD cases, including Coldplay’s 2003 Live double album,” said Ramesh Patel, 62, team leader at Remploy in Acton, west London.


The factory, officially opened by the Queen, provides work for 60 disabled people assembling a variety of products.


The royal visitor also chatted to workers putting together breathing apparatus bound for the US military.


“I was surprised how easy she was to talk to,” said Adrian Smith, 50, who has worked at Remploy for eight years.


“She is very laid back – I expected her to be more stand-offish.”


Remploy has 84 factories nationwide and also helps to place disabled people in mainstream employment.

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