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Hi Everybody!


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Hi fellow Coldplay fans!

I joined Coldplaying yesterday and I'm really happy to be part of your community! Where should I start? In my profile I chose "Viva la Vida" as my favourite album, but I really love all of them, for their diversity in style and sound (even if I must admit AHFOD might not be my cup of tea...). "Ghost Stories" is the first Coldplay album I received and is also among my top three favourites, together with "AROBTTH". Actually, it's really difficult to choose, as every single work is really an entire world, with its stories and emotions.

This is the first community I join and I'm new to all the rules and etiquette, so every piece of advice/information would be very useful to me! Oh, I forgot, I'm from Italy, so maybe my English might not be very good as I'm still learning it. I'll do my best!

Best wishes to all of you!

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