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  1. I'm afraid it might do the opposite. I believe that the growing unjustified criticism towards Coldplay (I mean the fact that reviews sound more and more like personal attacks - towards Chris's lifestyle and family in particular - rather than like constructive criticism) has done nothing good to the band. Instead of guiding them, many critics simply focused on their stereotype and stuck to that. For example, they continue to say that every Coldplay record sounds exactly like Coldplay, while the band has evolved so much actually. I think this eventually led the band towards the "We hav
  2. I still have to listen to the whole album (Coloratura included!), except for HP and MU (and yes, concerning these two songs, I personally think that Coldplay can do - and have done - much better). However, reading some reviews I have the impression that the critic is not really reviewing the album, but rather reviewing the band. For instance I agree with several points in the Pitchfork review (f.e. when they miss Chris saying "We can't get bigger, we should get better!", instead of "We want to make music for those who like us"), but most of the piece sounds more like a harsh critic of 202
  3. Aurora is a song by Phil. But it was left out of the record... that's why he hyped us about it. He wants it back.
  4. In the video it looks like a sandy planet... but on the album it's definitely a star, it's clear when you look at the Overtura trailer. When I first saw the "My Universe" video it baffled me a bit, even more considering that Jonny studied Astronomy! 😂 Then I thought: "Let's just imagine that there are two different versions of the Spheres. The album one, where Supersolis is a star and Kaotica is like the planet on the "Higher Power" CD, and so on. And the Dave Meyers version, where Supersolis is a desert planet and the planet on the "Higher Power" CD appears in the skies of what is meant
  5. Hi driftaguy! Thanks for answering. I actually found something similar in the Coldplay episode of the South Bank Show (2009). That is a wonderful documentary, really detailed and well crafted with interviews to Coldplay, the magical Brian Eno, Bono and others. A shortened HD version of that episode is available in the Downloads section, but I would really love to find the full length HD version! I sincerely hope someone has it... Anyway, the board is shown towards the end, while Chris is singing "Wedding Bells"!
  6. I also love Ghost Stories! It's such a beautiful and spiritual journey. I love its sounscapes, the sparse arrangements, the ambient sounds... Ah!!! Me too, I always had the same feeling. That sound of waves, of the ocean, is so ethereal and than there is that kind of symphony of bells, almost at the end. I think that part really represents the soul of the album. Anyway, in an interview Chris said that the song reminded him of the pier in Brighton's pebble peach and the end for him was like waking up on the shore with the feeling of "completely giving in to life".
  7. I really love the albums with Eno. He is not simply a producer, he is an artist and a genius. Yesterday I have been listening to some of his interviews and it's really eye-opening to hear him discussing art and music. But to me it seems that he stopped producing big albums some time around 2013. Do you know whether it is for this reason that his collaboration with Coldplay ended? Maybe they could still work together on some songs in the future, fingers crossed!
  8. I think it was meant to be a coda. Some Beatles' songs had something similar! Personally, I don't know what to think about "My Universe". I had not listened to the leak so this was the first time I heard the full song. I admit it sounds a bit flat to me, a bit shallow, I don't know why but the instrumental to me seems much better than the vocal version. But probably this depends on my tastes, I prefer acoustic instruments and ambient electronics over that kind of synths, so my opinion doesn't mean much in this context. Anyway, the song would probably make much more sense within
  9. Thank you so much for your details! My heart (and my ears!) kept telling me that those versions could not be from GS! So the next step would be to ask ourselves: what did the original song sound like??
  10. Hi driftaguy, I went looking for the Oracle's answers a few weeks ago, but the only way I could think of was through the internet archive. As you said, only some of the questions have been saved there. By the way, do you know why/when the Oracle ceased to exist? I'm thinking of asking the Coldplay website. XD
  11. Hi! Another Italian Coldplay fan, just like me! 😉 Welcome to the forum!! 😆
  12. Hi! Try searching in the recent threads, you would easily find the right one!!
  13. That's really interesting, thanks! Actually I was looking for a source for the titles of unreleased songs like "Spanish Rain", "Gardeners on the Frontline", "1000 - 1 (Ballad Of...)". On Wikipedia it says that they were all written on a whiteboard, but I can't find any image of this whiteboard! 😂 Anyway, thanks a lot for your link!!
  14. Hi guys, is there anyone among you that knows where I can find a photo of the famous whiteboard with the titles of the songs from the Mylo Xyloto sessions? I was interested in the unreleased songs written for Mylo Xyloto. For example here there are some photos but it's impossible to read anything.
  15. Yes, it might be. I was also considering the fact that the production style is closer to that of Stargate rather than that of Paul Epworth and Coldplay. Moreover, Will and the rest of the band considered "A Sky Full of Stars" to be a bit too energetic for Ghost Stories, which was meant to be a very personal and intimate record with a stripped down sound (I'm almost citing the Beats interview). So it seems unlikely to me that at the beginning of the recordings they had considered this version of "The Race" as the album opener...
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