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[2022-05-06] Cotton Bowl Stadium, Dallas, TX

Captain Crieff

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This was my first Coldplay concert in 6 years since Dallas 8.27.2016, plus this was also my 3rd Coldplay show and I gotta say, SO WORTH THE WAIT!!!! Something very special happened to me during this show. You know how they always say that the 3rd time is the charm? Well, the two shows before Dallas 5.6.2022....those being Dallas 6.23.2012 and Dallas 8.27.2016....I NEVER got the opportunity to bring home some confetti from a Coldplay concert. Well I can finally say that, during Dallas 5.6.2022....I FINALLY CAUGHT SOME COLDPLAY CONFETTI, BABY!!!! Oh it was the happiest moment of the night for me. Plus it was my Grandma's first ever Coldplay concert as well, she had a BLAST!!!!

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