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My Coldplay Bootleg Collection

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Hey, longtime lurker, very rare poster. I've been around the Coldplaying community longer than I remember, and I'm also a professional games journalist. I also love music, and wanted to talk about Coldplay. Here's a video of my Coldplay collection; Singles, Vinyl, Bootlegs, and my own personally curated unreleased "albums" with dozens of unreleased tracks and restorations. I'd love to see your collections, and maybe we can trade? 



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You have much bigger Coldplay musical library compared to me. So for that reason I don't think we could really trade anything. 

I watched your video but I can't remember.. did you have "Brothers & Sisters" CD (physical) in your collection? I own that one if you'd like it.

I'm curious about your homebrewed cut of the 'Cry Cry Cry' song, that chipmunk-y voice brothered me as well so if you'd like to share your music edit I'd greatly appreciate it.

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