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  1. Hey, longtime lurker, very rare poster. I've been around the Coldplaying community longer than I remember, and I'm also a professional games journalist. I also love music, and wanted to talk about Coldplay. Here's a video of my Coldplay collection; Singles, Vinyl, Bootlegs, and my own personally curated unreleased "albums" with dozens of unreleased tracks and restorations. I'd love to see your collections, and maybe we can trade? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M-CbkbQKeQ8&t=324s
  2. This isn't a final cut, I'm actively looking for any feedback I can get to refine the edits and create the definitive version of the album for the "oldplayers," so if you could be as specific as possible, I can get to work!
  3. I have been a massive Coldplay fan for as long as I have been alive. That said, their 2015 release is my least favorite, in fact, I kind of hate the album. I don't dislike the songwriting, I really hate the wall of sound production seen throughout the entire thing. So, for the last year, I've been using all available resources, being the instrumentals, stems, and 5.1 mixes to strip back the mix as much as possible, and I think I've gotten it. So I present my stipped back remix of AHFOD, called A Head With Some Thoughts. All songs (except one that can't be saved ever) stripped back to their
  4. What if these new bands signal another Mylo type album that fit the theme of these bands. They would have to be on the next album tour, so maybe this means the next album will be more poppy again.
  5. Coldplay B-Sides almost are the best stuff that coldplay puts out! I can't imagine not having I Ran Away or Things I Don't understand!
  6. Your World Turned Upside Down (Unreleased) Wedding Bells (Unreleased) A Ghost (Unreleased) Harmless (Unreleased) A View From The Top (Unreleased) Sweet Marienne (Unreleased) Famous Old Painters (Unrealeased) Lukas (Unrealeased) Things that I dont Understand (B-side) I Ran Away (B-Side) Gravity (B-Side) So Sad (Unrealeased) Ode to Deoderant (Unreleased) Bucket for A Crown (Unrealeased) Bloodless Revolution (Unreleased) The Fall of Man (Unrealeased) For You (B-Side) Spies (Alternate Demo) Talk (Alternate Demo) Solid Ground (Unrelaeased) The Dubliners (Unrealeased) But a
  7. Of topic, but still wondering. Is there going to be a vinyl release? I found this webiste ( http://www.recordstore.co.uk/recordstore/recordstore/Ghost-Stories/37I50000000 ) taking pre-orders, but is it real or just that website guessing that there will be one?
  8. Would the bonus tracks on the Target album include the proformances on monday? Woud Coldplay be playing any other new songs at the show? :laugh3:
  9. No, no, not the songs from the replay, the songs in the weird iTunes album.
  10. I am a huge fan of the waylayers, and none of these songs are anything the waylayers have released.
  11. Okay, so a couple of days ago, the oracle answered a question about some band named "Mylo Xyloto" about only having a single song, and no information on the band. I looked into it, and I found the "bands" iTunes page. http://bit.ly/1437jIy (click through to find the bands page) The song on the single sounds like UFO sound effects set to very Coldplay-esque soundscapes. On the page, there is also an album called "S.O.S." with each track listed as a different number. Each song preview sounds like something Coldplay would release. The weirder thing is that when you google search this album,
  12. Is there anyway I can still download this????
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