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Is Coloratura on the setlist now?

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So I noticed that Coldplay had a new official playlist on Spotify and it was a MOTS World Tour playlist so i started listening to it and i saw Coloratura on the playlist.

I also saw that Orphans was in the playlist! And the playlist description says songs from the MOTS World Tour!

Since when were those songs in the setlist? I remember Chris Martin saying in an interview that Orphans wasn't going to make it onto the MOTS World  Tour setlist, and on these forums I've seen people talk about Coloratura not being on the setlist!

Is Orphans and Coloratura on the setlist now?

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At the moment, it seems like a playlist of songs that have been played at some point during the MOTS tour. Orphans and Coloratura were both played in the first Latin American leg of the tour half a year ago. Unfortunately doesn't mean they are on the setlist now. They have been trying out a shortened version of Coloratura recently though, so that might make a comeback.

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