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Well this goes to mainly Ivona, because well Kasia it's here and I don't think there are many people from the "Oriental part" of Europe here....




does people there, well let's stick to Checz Republic, speak and understand English???


Is it violent the country or people is like violent, I mean in big touristic cities..?


is it expensive? and do you have common borders? Since many countries will be added to the EU this year...


is it like too touristic? Like all prepared and so.... and rates for tourist and so.... or it is like more ...more "natural"?


Have you ever been to Chipre??? Gosh, I love those "boats" they have..... lovely!!!


ah, and the stuff for the table.... plates? Do you have them there? Like beautiful painted and so..?



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There's a lot of people that speak english, german and sometime french too.

And we will have common borders in may, i think, 'cos many people speak about it ;)

The rates were big and they'll be big :( Our state isn't big and rich so we need money :D :confused:

I haven't ever been to Chipre, sorry ;)

Plates? :huh:



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