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Tanith !


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Tanith must be working so much :/ she started a new job on monday :/


yeah I was.... and I had no internet... coz I needed to be screened and stuff (government jobs... :dozey: ) but from Monday I will be online again! Yay!!!!! :D :D :D :D

Btw my job is so kewl! Loads of fun people! And we even had a party on Thursday! So brill!


But I missed you guys a lot!!! :( :bigcry:... and I haven't seen Jonny in 5 days!!! :o :o :o :cry: :cry:

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We miss Tanith ! She´s working too much ! :/


You are all so sweeeeeeeeeeet!!!! I love you all!!! :heart: :wings:

I missed you loads as well!!!! *I think I've said that about 100000000 times by now..... :rolleyes: but I really did! :D

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