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i was walking down the street and all of the sudden...


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this african american marine recruiter rolls up in a white car and like stopped when he got to me. i guess he said something but i couldnt hear cuz i had weezer in my cd player and it was pretty loud. so he's like do you know where this guy lives? i'm like no man i was just getting the mail. so he's all so are you enjoying your summer? im like yeah i got a job at some office, and he replied with a oh that's good you're out of this damn heat, but im the marine recruiter at your school so ill see you around. ah man did this guy seriously think i would join the marines? i'm not sure i can imagine myself with bulging muscles... although if i did join it would help with the lady aspect....

anyway wtf im not joining the marines! i weight like 130 pounds!

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