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Really GOOD actors/actresses


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hahah me and my bro had this plan for my cuz, we were going to make an actual copy of the tape in the movie, and after she was done watching it, I would call on my bro's cell form the bathroom, to my cousin's phone, and I'd be like "seven days....." lol

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ohhh ok! haha


I dunno, I think it would focus on the kid a lot more, and exactly why he's so messed up, and who is tellin him stuff.


Theres a remake of yet another Japanese horror movie, and apparently when it's done being remade in America, it's going to be ten times scarrier than The Ring!

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yea. I did this online test to see which character in a jonny depp movie I am, I thought I was going to be the alien from Astronaut's Wife, but turns out I'm Jonny's character from Whats Eating Gilbert Grape!

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