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so i got my bass and im pissed

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it smells like smoke


i think the neck might be messed up

the pickguard has different colored screws in it and it's like ahhh!


but the top pick up is like indented or something

like the whole half of the pickup is slanted

what should i do? should i mess around with the screw or what?

tom peed or david or someone smart help me out

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yeah, that's the problem with buying stuff off eBay


anyway, I wouldn't touch the neck or the pickup. if the neck is messed up, then the truss rod probably needs adjusting, which you shouldn't do unless you know what you're doing cos you'll more than likely break the neck.


I would take it to a guitar repairer and ask them to do it (ask a local guitar store if they know any in the area, or look in the phone book) . A truss rod adjustment should cost hardly anything at all. Ask them about the pickup and see if they can change the screws while they're at it as well.

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we don't have GuitarCentre over here, but if it's a good guitar store then they should have a guitar repairer in store, or at least have someone who properly sets up all their guitars. if not, just ask them if they know of anyone who could do it for you.


as for the smell, try polishing it with normal furniture polish. it might help disguise the smell. anything else could damage the finish. the smell should go away by itself in a while anyway.

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I bought a used acoustic guitar three years ago, and the case smells like smoke to this day. :lol:


Anyway, I was going to recommend adjusting the truss rod and pickup height, but I guess that is something better left in the hands of professionals (I used to work in a music store, so I have no problem with doing things like that, especially in Fender basses, those are easy!). I'd have to go look at my bass to tell you exactly what you'd have to do if you find out that you can't get it done in a store, or if it's too expensive, but uh... I don't feel like it right now. :P

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