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  1. holy cow! what a nice "welcome back" treat after not being on her for awhile lol - thank you xylobryte7 & fuzzyman20 for cracking the code!! you guys are legends!!
  2. hello all! (first thread here) anyways, i am looking for backing track/stems for the ahfod version of fix you to use in a live band scenario. i've tried doing it myself but no avail (getting the arpeggiator to sync and sound right is the kicker). all i'm really looking for is the arp from midnight (on a loop just like in the live version) and the strings as well. any help is greatly appreciated over here!!! (if requested, i can show what i've created so far) thanks in advance!
  3. hey there, the link went out. would you mind reuploading the link?
  4. would it be possible to make an multi to Always In My Head?? mostly the synths
  5. so they use a complete acoustic sound, or do they mix it? like they layer the digital sound over the acoustic sound?
  7. i meant can you take the stems and put them into a .zip or rar. folder to mix as we please or make the tracks split so click on one side, music on the other. it'd make for a pretty awkward scene for the audience to hear the click.
  8. two questions: could the click be panned to one side and the track on the other? could a .zip file or something be made with the stems to each track? edit: a third question, could you possibly make an Atlas track?
  9. yo, Patrik, could you re-link the other backing tracks please??
  10. that sounds really really identical to their live versions of clocks, like really close. (btw: could you upload or send the pad track only?)
  11. that's a pretty accurate tuning, but i'm not sure about the shapes. I tried matching what chris appears to being doing live, it's more or less sliding up & down the frets while keeping a certain shape.
  12. it's in a different tuning, check the video of them warming up back stage with every teardrop (notice chris' hands) [MEDIA=twitter]702630715268141056[/MEDIA]
  13. well remember, one of the setlist we saw said "Up&Up (album version)" suggesting that there's more than one version. on the today show, they performed a shortened almost "radio edit" of up&up...sooooo the possibility of it being a single in the near future is highly likely
  14. head to the stems/multitracks page. so far only paradise & etiaw are the only mylo songs there.(I'd link it, but on the phone)
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