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  1. I assume an Audio or Lyric Video will be on YT for Higher Power this Friday and a MV in the future, maybe in two weeks or next month?
  2. Parachutes Don't Panic (10) Shiver (7) Spies (5) Sparks (9) Yellow (10) Trouble (8) Parachutes (2) High Speed (4) We never Change (5) Everything's not Lost (6) Life is For Living (2) Score- 68 (6.18) A Rush Of Blood To The Head Politik (8.5) In My Place (10) God Put A Smile Upon Your Face (6) The Scientist (10) Clocks (10) Daylight (5) Green Eyes (5) Warning Sign (8.5) A Whisper (4) A Rush Of Blood To The Head (6) Amsterdam (8) Score-81 (6.75)
  3. That's three things this Early May! Higher Power release, BBC RADIO SHOW, American Idol on the 9th and the opening to Brit Awards May 11th! This a lot to take in.
  4. I for one, like music over lyrics, vocals over lyrics, melody over lyrics. That's how I find a liking to a song.
  5. Hope the views will be good for the videos, unlike EL 😟
  6. Sucks that you can’t sort Coldplay videos by most popular no more. Why is that?
  7. 1: ASFOS 2: Midnight 3: Ink 4: Always In My Head 5: Magic 6: True Love 7: O (Fly On) 8: Another’s Arms 9: All Your Friends 10: Oceans 11: Ghost Story
  8. The Race vs Love In A Lethal Dose/Love Is A Lethal Drug
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