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  1. A Head Full of Dreams [25] Birds [30] Hymn For the Weekend [13] Everglow [23] Adventure of a Lifetime [16] Army of One [10] - 2 Amazing Day [20] Up&Up [24] +1
  2. Just heard a radio edit on Absolute. What a mess. It does not edit well.
  3. They should have either stuck a toned down crowd on, or just done a Coldplay cover in the studio. Hell, they must have the individual tracks from the original recording, so even if they softened the synths down a bit. I don't know many people who like odd live tracks scattered into a shuffle playlist. Always scares the c*** out of me when the crowd kick in.
  4. Such a pointless idea to put the version of SJLT on. It sounds like a youtube rip. At least tone the crowd down a bit. Spoils the flow of the E.P.
  5. Why is the come down so bad They were on their A-Game Wednesday, and Embrace were just down right awesome.
  6. I got it by pre-ordering the EP. That wouldn't count toward the chart
  7. I agree with what The Archer alluded to earlier, the start really does sound like you're listening to a soundcheck. Stunning song.
  8. Bit bummed about the 3 week wait for a physical copy.
  9. MY EYES :sob: I'd love it if they replaced Heroes with Don't Look Back In Anger
  10. wilkesy


    Ok. Uploaded doesn't mean released. *Hits play on Love Takes Over* "Oh it's this one!"..... What? "Ohhh someones getting sued, someones getting fired" *rewinds* "I don't want to get sued for defamation" WHY DID I WATCH THAT. This is what's wrong with Youtube today.
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