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  1. Oh exactly, it's the whole package ... it's not just the eras of the band, but eras of my life, and the people and places that were in them, even different versions of myself. A lot of stuff changes that you just can't change back no matter how much you want. Sometimes (actually almost all the time) being able to "go back" via the songs is a blessing; but there are also times it can be very difficult emotionally.
  2. Awesome, I don't think I've actually seen this one before, or if I did it was a long time ago. I've been in a funk lately where I don't want to listen to my old favorites because they make me just feel sad that those eras have passed ... which is the worst kind of music funk to be in. Maybe this will help me snap out of it. X&Y always felt like peak Coldplay to me, even though AROBTTH was my favorite ... I guess since when X&Y came out it was the first release of theirs where I felt like part of the actual world, not just college, and I was a little more in tune (albeit not much) to wh
  3. Congrats to everyone who won!
  4. Been listening to a lot of George Harrison lately. Loved The Beatles since childhood but only recently started listening to their solo stuff and George's is the best imo. I got a new turntable for my birthday/Christmas and I've been spinning Living In The Material World on it.
  5. Yes, I only got into Arctic Monkeys about four years ago but I got into them really fast, really hard haha. All their stuff is pretty much genius and I can't wait until the next album and tour. My favorite song is Love Is A Laserquest, then probably Do Me A Favour but they have so many good ones. Humbug and FWN are my favorite albums but I have loved their more recent stuff too.
  6. This, so much. Most of the time I just laugh because it's so predictable that any cover on YouTube will have 400 comments saying "the original was better" ... like it'll be a Queen song and someone will write, "this is nice but it's not as good as Freddie Mercury" ... as if everyone who does a Queen cover is aiming to be a better singer than Freddie Mercury. I mean, do people not understand covers? Do they not know that the person covering it is not, in fact, trying to replace the original performer? Haha. That said if the scenario you mention plays out and a chorus of Alexas or whatever creep
  7. I'm holding onto the faint hope they maybe do some shows where they prioritize the musical performance over the acrobatics. Though I do realize if they stay in stadiums, which is likely the most fair thing to allow more people to see them, you kind of need the bells and whistles to make it engaging for everyone in such a huge place. At this point, that's what they're known for and what most of their fans want. Not saying I don't enjoy it, the energy is thrilling and Chris's enthusiasm is infectious. I'm just saying I'd rather they rein it in a little to the point he doesn't have to take a pass
  8. There were four songs from their first three albums regularly in their AHFOD set (not counting C stage), and they sacrificed one of them. So it's not that small to me. I mean, it's not the end of the world and I understand they're doing the best they can to make everyone happy, and yeah I get that I had many years to hear those songs and it's not their fault I was too dumb to. It's just kind of extra salt in the wound on top of the stuff that's most special to me already being near-irrelevant. For the record I feel much differently about backing tracks, and bits and pieces of vocals patched in
  9. I actually think the live, slightly imperfect one sounds much better. Because it sounds live. Maybe at this point they were just experimenting with it and using it as a backup in case he struggled with his voice (iirc there were points he struggled with his voice a little last year, like maybe was under the weather). You could tell he was singing even in the broadcast, because you can see his breath ... but until the crowd video above I didn't realize it was what the live crowd was hearing. Interesting. Yeah, it's weird. My guess would be they played around with it a while, and then just de
  10. I love this version. I feel like Yes is kind of underrated, I always liked it a lot but this version is even better. Also, this was actually my first show and only of that era. :heart:
  11. If you have not heard it yet, they did actually quietly put out a stand-alone song last year, for a movie, it's called "Tear Up This Town". It was just a one-off thing (I think they were friends with the director maybe) but it gives me some hope they may do something again someday. I hope they will at least do some reunion shows or something.
  12. On A Day Like Today is another of my favorites. It was not part of the album in the US so I discovered it on Limewire but I burned it on so many CDs. Nowadays it is always one of my top-played on iTunes. What a great song and you're right about how it builds.
  13. Welcome. I'm middle of the pack age-wise (35), but when I first got into Coldplay my dad was your age and he always loved them when I would bring their CDs around or Live 2003 DVD. He felt the same way, that they had a sound that reminded him of the way he enjoyed bands in the 60s and 70s. He doesn't listen to music a lot these days but he did call me during their Super Bowl performance to tell me he was watching. :) Good music knows know age. As for Keane, sadly I don't think they are reuniting anytime soon. They were my second favorite to Coldplay a long time and always one of my most spe
  14. Welcome and thanks for sharing your story ... it's great to hear you're finding your way. It's amazing the power that music has on so many different levels.
  15. Oh that's definitely a bummer. I think over life we all end up with a few of those things. You always look back and think, that job wasn't worth it, but when you're in that situation you know you also have to be responsible and that work ethic is important, etc. We don't get the benefit of looking ahead and knowing if jobs are going to fizzle, or knowing if opportunities will not come again. At the time I wouldn't have thought Coldplay was going to change, so, I could just see them later and it would be the same. I hope in your case you will get a chance to see some of those bands from the NOS
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