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  1. yea this was kinda my feelings too, pretty sure they would have had at least something by now, considering some of the people that do have them already
  2. Sorry for bringing up an old post but with another year past with the queens honours and new ones just came out I wondered to myself why Coldplay haven't been awarded anything yet and googled to see if anything came up about maybe they not wanting anything but couldn't really see anything so not sure what people think or if it has been discussed before. Couldn't find anything much relating to this
  3. Has anyone been to a concert at Principality before? I have standing tix and just wondered what the venue was like, are the gates easy to find etc?
  4. I booked through Ticketmaster and they said not to worry if people get theirs first, they send them out in batches. I didn't get an email from TM, I just so happened to log onto there and it said they had started to dispatch tickets. I then got a text message from Royal mail saying they had it and would deliver that day. I was able to track it then
  5. Oh that is strange they haven't sent out Tuesday tickets You were lucky. I started looking at hotels as soon as I got tickets but as soon as the tickets went onsale it seems that the prices sky rocketed. Hate how the hotels take advantage of big events.
  6. Well it's all getting very real now. My Tickets have arrived!
  7. I love coldplay surprises and they don't disappoint. Love it
  8. I thought the set list would have more changes. SJLT live sounded ace though. I do think the changes will come as the tour goes on, First night after quite a long break they probably wanted to ease themselves back in. They are soundchecking Hypnotised though so I'm sure it will get added at some point. I have had enough of Heroes though, sorry
  9. I finally booked my flights. Flying from Glasgow to Bristol though so hopefully easy enough to get to Cardiff Unfortunately not staying in Cardiff either crazy prices ad fully booked. Have to stay outside Cardiff
  10. Can feel the excitement ChrisMartinFan. Glad you had an amazing time. The videos and clips certainly don't do it justice so it's good to hear from someone who was actually there. Hopefully the flag thing will blow over. Chris was everywhere the past few days it seemed visiting the school etc and brought a lot of publicity, it would be a shame for one minor slip up with the flag to dampen what seemed like a very successful trip
  11. I seen a lot of comments about the crowd being "dead" but from the small snippets I have seen from the crowd you can hear them singing and cheering or whatever but the sound quality from the tv recording the sound is not very good and it sounds really quiet. It really is hard to tell so hopefully there is better quality videos coming Shame about the flag aswell but no way would Chris want to cause offence. I guess it's just habit as he does it every where so hopefully the fact the flag changed means he was made aware and changed it as soon as he could. Hopefully nothing huge will come of it
  12. I love that people can see that side of Chris. He's so charming and funny and just an all round nice guy and he interacted great with the other guests. I enjoyed it!
  13. well that was great, can always rely on Coldplay to brighten up your day/night. Now for Graham Norton in an hour or so
  14. so true lol, wouldn't be a show if there wasn't at least one mess up :D
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